Go United Vacations website

The Go United Vacations® affiliate engagement program provides you with a free agency website. You can link this website to your existing site, or let it stand on its own for constant customer access to United Vacations products and offers. Plus, you always receive credit and your commission for bookings made on your Go United Vacations site.

If you would like to create a new Go United Vacations website, please click here to fill out the form.

Advantages of a Go United Vacations website

  • You receive a free agency website that includes your agency name and contact information.
  • You're open for business 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • You earn your commission on every booking made.
  • You receive an email notification for every booking made. Easily contact your customers to thank them or upsell their booking with vacation protection, transfers and additional activities.
  • If you're a 500 Club member, you'll be included in the agency search on unitedvacations.com.
  • NEW - Access to new payment plan options with Pay Monthly. Learn more here.

Go United Banners
United Vacations creates banners for you to promote your Go United Vacations website. These banners are designed for you to engage with your clients and are created for each United Vacations sale, specific destinations, and themes. Convenietly available in Creative Connection.

Outside agents
If you are an outside agent, we must first receive permission from your host before we can set up a Go United Vacations site for you using your host's ARC number. Please have your host click here and fill out the form.

Setting up your link:
After your application has been received and processed, you will receive instructions on how to set the link up on your website. For the best results, we suggest placing the links prominently throughout your site, especially on the homepage. It is important that you set up the link exactly as it is sent to you, as the URL that you will receive will contain the information that is needed to be able to give your agency credit for the booking.

Technical support
If you are experiencing problems with your Go United Vacations link, please contact agencysites@unitedvacations.com. For assistance in putting the link on your site, please contact the individual or company that built your site for you.

Confirmations / notification
When your clients make a booking through your Go United Vacations site, they will receive a confirmation email with the information about their trip, and your agency will receive an email with their reservation information. You can also check on the reservation information by retrieving your reservation in VAX VacationAccess.

Document delivery
The default document delivery address for Go United Vacations reservations is the consumer's credit card billing address, as required by our credit card verification process. To protect your clients, once the consumer's billing address is verified, the document delivery address cannot be changed.

Email guestbook
When your clients click through the Go United Vacations link, there will be no option for them to sign up for the e-mail guestbook.