VAX's sales emails make it easy to show your travel expertise and value to your clients.

In addition to sending flight information, you can also send your clients:

For your clients, planning a vacation can be just as exciting as the vacation itself! Add to their anticipation by suggesting unique excursions like a zip line adventure in the rainforest or a sunset cruise on a catamaran.

By handpicking feature and excursion options, you're providing incredible value to your clients by helping them plan their custom vacation experience.

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"This tool has helped with those clients that aren't exactly sure what they want as far as a hotel. Also, love the ability to share rental car options and various activities with the clients in one email - it has been a time saver!"

- Kathy Gonzales, JK Travel

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VAX Email Tips

Start by sending the necessary flight and hotel information to your client, along with a few excursion options.

If your client doesn't jump on the excursion options at that time, follow up using the sales email tool again. Before their final payment is due, send a few more excursion or feature options to get your client thinking and to help make their vacation a complete experience.

To prevent your emails from going straight to the recipient's spam folder, avoid using the following words in your subject line:

Also avoid using any special characters ($, #, @, etc.), in your subject lines and any customizable email content, as these tend to trigger email filters, too.


When Should I Use This Tool?

VAX's sales email feature isn't just for sending flight options to your clients — you can also use it to send multiple hotel options as well as feature options, making the vacation planning just as exciting as the vacation itself!

If you're working with a client who wants to travel to Puerto Rico but doesn't have a particular hotel in mind, you have a great opportunity to send them your best options (and do a little upselling, too!).

Let's say the last time you booked a trip for this client, they stayed at a Marriott hotel and had a great time. In your Puerto Rico search results, you see the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino to include in your sales email but also click the "Include in Sales Email" box on the Caribe Hilton San Juan (at the time of your search, they have a kids eat free promotion for kids under 4), the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino (at the time of your search, they're offering extra 2% bonus commission for agents) and the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan (kind of a splurge for your client but

you think they might be interested). Sending these options will help show your expertise by recommending great hotel options and also remembering your client's past experiences.

When working with your client, they mentioned that they are interested in watersports and wellness activities while they're there. Instead of having your client wait until they're in destination to book these activities, send them some options to choose from and motivate them to book the activities before they go! You see Puerto Rico surf lessons, a bioluminescent kayak adventure in San Juan and a beach yoga class to add to the sales email.

Next you click "Preview Sales Email," enter your client's email address and customize the subject line, introduction and closing fields with a personalized message so your client knows this email is just for them. You leave the "Show Prices" box checked so your client knows what to expect price-wise.