Shop for flights by price when your client’s budget matters most, shop-by -schedule when time is your client’s top priority.

VAX gives you flexible search options, allowing you to search by price or by schedule right from the Smart Reservation Tool on the home page, Supplier Showcases and promotion pages. Search results for the two options are a bit different, but once you see how it works, you’ll know when to use each option for your clients.

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This has been a great feature for last-minute trips and certain destinations like Hawaii. Very beneficial.”

Shelly Ramirez,
Michelle’s Destinations Unlimited

When Should I Use This Tool?

One of your clients loves to splurge on the resort when planning their vacation but Prefers cheaper flight options, no matter what time the flight leaves or how many connections they have. Knowing this, when that client contacts you to plan a long weekend of wine tasting in Napa Valley, you search on VAX using the Shop By: Price option in the Smart Reservation Tool.

Since the flights in your search results are automatically listed lowest to highest, you know the top option will be what your client wants. When you get to the list of hotels, you know you can suggest higher-end options since your client doesn't mind spending a little more on their accommodations.

Another client is traveling with a toddler from Atlanta to Orlando for their first family vacation. They prefer to travel during the child's afternoon nap time and since it’s a short flight for them to Orlando, you feel confident you’ll be able to find flights that will work.

After entering your search criteria in the Smart Reservation Tool, you choose the Search By: Schedule option. Your search results are presented in two columns: Outbound Flights and Return Flights and are organized from early morning to evening, and also by direct flights and connecting flights. You find an outbound flight at 1:00 pm that lands at 2:27 pm, and a return flight that leaves at 12:20 pm and lands at 2:00 pm – both direct flights! After getting approval from your client, you click "Price Selected Flights" and move on to the hotel and feature options.