If your clients need to stay in a hotel for only part of their trip, VAX makes off-setting hotel dates easy.

Your clients' flight and hotel dates don't always match up perfectly, which can sometimes make booking trips a bit tricky. Off-setting hotel dates for your clients on VAX gives you the flexibility to create further customized itineraries for your clients.

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When Should I Use This Tool?

Use this feature when a client is flying somewhere but does not need hotel accommodations for every day of their trip. For example, let's say your client wants to fly to Boston for a wedding and will be staying with her family for the first three nights of the trip and then check in to a downtown hotel for the remaining two nights for easier transportation to and from the wedding venue.

From the Advanced Search screen, keep the default "One destination" selected, choose "Flight + Hotel Package" for the Package Type, enter your origin and destination and the departure and return dates your client will be flying. Then open the Hotels panel on the right. Enter the correct check-in and check-out dates.

Your search results will show departure and return flights for the whole length of the trip and hotel options for just the two nights that your client needs a hotel room.