15 Things Your Clients Must See or Do in Cancun

Travel insights from VAX VacationAccess

So you have clients interested in Cancun. Who wouldn’t be? It’s easy to get to, the weather is amazing and there’s so much to do. But that might be the problem – maybe there’s TOO much to do. Luckily, the agents who use VAX know everything about Cancun and aren’t afraid to share!

Here are 15 must-sees and must-dos in Cancun crowdsourced from you, the agents on VAX.

1.I always recommend the eco park Xel-Ha. I had such an amazing time there and you can learn so much without feeling like you are taking a toll on the natural beauty of the land.
Katharine G., Travel by JK in California

2.Use the transportation included in the package. Don't worry about renting a car as the resort can set up excursions that are worry-free.
Jodi S., Island Getaways in Minnesota

3.Go swimming in a cenote. It’s a very cool experience and one unique to the Yucatan Peninsula.
Rachelle S., Wanderlove Travel in South Carolina

4.Stay at the Moon Palace and do the Dolphin Discovery right on the premises. It is unforgettable!!!
Joyce M., Boca Express Travel in Florida

5.Make sure your passport has at least 6 months left before expiration. Make a copy of your passport photo/info pages to carry with you and leave your passport locked in your hotel.
Sue W., Cruises Inc. in Nevada

6.Go parasailing so you can see all of Cancun!
Linda B., MCA Travel, Inc. in New Jersey

7.The Jungle Snorkeling Tour is one of the best activities for tourist to experience. They can power their own boat while site seeing the entire island and snorkeling in the underground ocean jungle.
Tania S., Dream Vacations in New York

8.Even if you are staying at an all-inclusive go into town for a day and experience the vibe. Take the bus and get into the culture.
Janet W., Travel Advisors in Iowa

9.Appreciate the history and the culture with a trip to Tulum to see the Mayan ruins or to the UNESCO larger site of Chichen Itza.
Karen Q., Quinn Travel Services in Texas

10.Take the ferry to Cozumel for great snorkeling.
Kathie L., AAA Midatlantic in New Jersey

11.Coco Bongo's is a fun and hip night club that is fun and entertaining, even for the more mature crowd.
Chrystal M., Suzi Davis Travel in Missouri

12.Bonanza Ranch. This is a great family owned property where they take in animals that have been mistreated or left alone. They give you a tour of the ranch and offer horseback riding trips through the jungle that end at a cenote you can swim in. The staff at this property is excellent and it is a wonderful excursion that I highly recommend.
Jamie J., Custom Travel Professionals in South Carolina

13.For a quieter vacation, especially for families, you can't go wrong with a one hour transfer to a resort in Rivera Maya.
Colleen F., Cruise Planners in Virginia

14.Bring lots of U.S. one and five dollar bills for easy tipping and bargain shopping. It makes it really easy to bargain in straw markets and with street vendors when you have plenty of the proper amount of money to exchange.
Elisa J., Delight Travel in Tennessee

15.The tequila tasting at El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma is super fun! I learned how to properly taste tequila as well as how it’s made and its origins.
Ashley P., VAX VacationAccess

This sampling of Cancun recommendations will help you get started on planning a perfectly fitting vacation for your clients. And you can find even more about Cancun on our Cancun destination page. There’s a link there to share your own travel tip, so don’t be shy!