Montego Bay:
9 Things to Do

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Known as the oasis of sun, sea and sand, Montego Bay, Jamaica is sure to please any vacationer looking for a relaxing yet memorable getaway. With everything that this tropical hotspot has to offer, we narrowed down our top nine tips and recommendations to ensure your clients will make the most out of their Jamaican vacation.

1.Travel agents should know that the experience to Montego Bay is very memorable. From the time you land at the airport to the resorts its nothing but love. One Love! The people there really have great customer service and try their hardest to show everyone a good time.
Devona M., Away We Go Vacation Co in the U.S.

2.There is no need to exchange currencies. U.S. dollars are gladly accepted there.
Annie R., Annie’s Travelin’ Shoes in Missouri

3.For those interested in formal cultural exchange, I recommend day and night activities along the Hip Strip. Daytime activities for people wanting non-alcohol focused activities and the nighttime activities for those wanting that later. This is the perfect introduction to the people of Jamaica in an urban setting.
Maria M., Weeeee Want 2 Go in Illinois

4.I recommend investing in a beachfront room category. Also, horseback riding along the beach in Montego Bay is unforgettable!
Valerie M., Live Your Life Travel in New Jersey

5.Every night, there are vendors cooking jerk chicken, soups and Callaloo (an authentic Caribbean dish), right in front of you. Also, be sure to check out Dunn’s River Falls. I discovered a smaller version of the falls even before you get to Dunn’s River on the opposite side of the street about 2-3 miles before Dunn’s River. It’s very nice and FREE! Margaritaville is in walking distance to restaurants, shopping, ships stop over and clubs. Most excursions with the exception of Dunn’s River and Margaritaville will be an all-day event.
Beverly J., Coast2Coast Travel in Maryland

6.I would recommend the snorkel cruise from Montego Bay. It’s a three-hour sailing tour with snorkeling along the Jamaican coast from Montego Bay. Enjoy terrific snorkeling at Montego Bay Marine Park, a protected reef area home to a diverse array of tropical fish. Snorkeling gear and instruction, pickup and drop-off from Montego Bay hotels is included.
Elizabeth F., Travel Box International in Georgia

7.Careen down water slides or jump on a trampoline at Margaritaville, depending on the weather. Sip rum punch or other drinks from an open bar of selected drinks on board. Listen to Caribbean beats and learn some local dance moves from the crew.
Elizabeth F., Travel Box International in Georgia

8.Go to have a good time! Pick a resort that has 24-hour room service, because it’s always something to do and you will get hungry late at night.
Devona M., Away We Go Vacation Co in the U.S.

9.If you're booking a taxi or shuttle, be sure to reserve one with a red plate. These are the licensed and insured drivers. If anything happens, you're covered.
Susan J., Live The Dream Travel in Florida

Montego Bay may seem overwhelming at first with all of the fun-filled sights and activities to choose from. Hopefully these tips have helped narrow down your clients’ to do lists and ensure a well-worth stay in Jamaica.

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