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Funjet Vacations' Online Advertising Policy for Travel Agencies

With the continued growth of online marketing, Funjet Vacations wishes to reinforce its long-standing policies about the use of its name and trademark and rebating of its products. Please review these policies carefully, as they may impact your current online marketing efforts. These policies are no different online than they are offline, but because the Internet provides additional ways for agencies to advertise and sell, Funjet Vacations is providing some clarifications with respect to online advertising and Web sites.

Rebating and Discounting

1. Rebating or discounting of Funjet Vacations’ products, in conjunction with the use of its name and/or trademark, is not permitted and will result in the revocation of the rights to sell our products. Very specific instances of across-the-board rebating or discounting, where Funjet’s names and trademarks are not used, still require prior Funjet’s approval as outlined below.

With respect to the use of Funjet’s name and/or trademark, Funjet’s policies have always prevented their use without prior approval from the company. Funjet will enforce this policy online in order to retain control of the trademarks and better manage consumers’ awareness and impression of the brand.

2. No one may advertise that they offer Funjet Vacations products with "discounts," "rebates" or any synonyms of these words in any ad that includes Funjet’s name or trademark or any variation of Funjet’s name or trademark.

3. No one may advertise, promote, or reference a rebate, discount, or any synonym of these words on their Web site in conjunction with the use of Funjet’s name or trademark or any variation of Funjet’s name or trademark except in very specific instance where a travel agency chooses to differentiate themselves and create a brand awareness by discounting every product they offer at the same rate or discount amount. The following policies apply in this situation:

  • Discounts or rebates offered by travel agents must be identical on all travel products offered by the agency. This pertains not only to travel packages but all products the agency sells.
  • No online advertisement or link that includes Funjet’s name or trademark or any variation of Funjet’s name or trademark may include a reference to a discount, rebate, or any synonym of these words. Agencies may advertise their discount or rebate policy but must not do so in conjunction with Funjet’s name or trademark.
  • Agencies may promote their rebate or discount on their site, but may not directly associate a rebate or discount with Funjet’s name or trademark. This means that a specific dollar amount or percentage may not appear in the same sentence, header, META tag, or page title along with Funjet’s name or trademark. For example, it would be permissible for an agency to have a headline indicating "5% off all travel packages" and under that headline offer a link to their site, but they may not have text stating "6% Rebate on Funjet Vacations," for example.
  • Affiliates may offer loyalty or reward points to customers for booking via their Funjet affiliate site so long as Funjet’s retail price is not discounted.  However, affiliates may not offer a direct cash back rebate on vacation purchases.
  • All agencies must be prepared to service the vacation packages they sell. If consumers cannot obtain service from the agency and turn to Funjet Vacations for post-sales support, Funjet will act to protect itself and other agencies from bearing the additional cost of servicing customers. Agencies who fail to provide service to their customers may lose the ability to book Funjet Vacations products.
  • Any Web site or page that offers a discount or rebate on Funjet’s products as defined in these policies must be reviewed and obtain prior approval by Funjet Vacations before the page goes live. Requests to review and approve these sites or pages must be submitted to

Keywords and Ad Terms

1. Purchasing the keyword terms “Funjet”, “Funjet Vacations” is only permitted with Funjet Vacations’ prior approval.

2. Funjet Vacations’ brands names or trademarks or any variation of Funjet Vacations’ brands names or trademarks may not be included within an online advertisement linking to a page that displays a competitor's logo, link, reservation tool or products.

Domain Names

1. The domains of and may not be used as either a display or destination URL in search engine advertising. Advertisements may not link directly to a GoFunjet or similar site.

2. Funjet Vacations’ brands names or trademarks or any variation thereof may not be purchased as a domain name. This includes any domain name that might reasonably be construed by a customer to belong to Funjet Vacations.

Please note that Funjet Vacations reserves the right to alter policies and policy clarifications in the future. If you have any concerns, questions, or feedback on these policies, please contact us at

Social Media

1. The above policies apply to all social media outlets, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.

2. Agents posting discounts on Funjet Vacations’ Business Pages will have their post removed from our page and will be blocked from posting on that page in the future.

3. Agents posting on Funjet Vacations’ Business Pages in an effort to sell away from Funjet Vacations will have their post removed and will be blocked from posting on that page in the future. 

Thank you for your continued support of Funjet Vacations.

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