Family Travel Part 3

When you think of family travel, you might think of a mom, a dad and their kids. However, family travel can be so much more: single-parent families, LGBTQIA+ families and trips kids take with their grandparents. The point is, family travel can be so many things, with so many opportunities for you as a travel advisor, including securing clients and promoting yourself on social media. And with so many options to include, such as excursions and upgrades, travel advisors are well-positioned to be there to guide families through it all.


Part 3 - Epic Excursions and Booking Tips for Family Travel

One of the best parts of family travel is making new memories with some of the people you love most. Lucky for travel advisors, making family travel dreams come true is part of the job as you hold the knowledge and tools to help vacationers have once-in-a-lifetime experiences through the power of epic excursions.

Looking for inspiration? Here are six advisor-approved excursions in some of the most popular destinations for family travel. Plus, three booking tips to make sure planning goes off without a hitch.

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In Hawai’i

Field Trips for Shelter Dogs

Families missing their furry friends can help a pet in need when they participate in Kaua’i Humane Society’s Field Trips for Shelter Dogs program. After selecting an appointment time and watching an instructional video, travelers and their chosen canine will spend the day enjoying the beauty of the Garden Island together. Best of all, sharing photos of the outing to social media might help the dog get adopted.

Minimum age requirement: Children ages 8+ can participate with an adult


In Playa del Carmen

Xenses Park

A place where nothing is what it seems, at Xenses, one of the experiences from Grupo Xcaret, family travelers will be transported to an alternate reality filled with fantastic scenarios. The otherworldly park offers visitors two paths to explore: the Path of Feeling and the Path of Doing, both of which are designed to encourage participants to use their senses in unexpected ways.

Minimum age requirement: 5+ years


In Puerto Rico

Exploring Old San Juan

With its charming cobblestone streets, brightly painted buildings and scenic ocean views, exploring Puerto Rico’s Old San Juan is an activity fit for travelers of all ages. Whether they spend the day visiting historic sites like Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Capilla del Cristo and Castillo San Cristóbal or indulge in local flavors when they participate in one of the many food or cocktail tours (for families with kiddos aged 21+, of course), visitors may find this vibrant coastal city to be their new favorite destination. 

Minimum age requirement: All ages


In St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

A Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Tour

Home to two of the Caribbean’s bioluminescent bays, Stal River Bay and Altona Lagoon, St. Croix is an ideal destination for families looking to experience the unique phenomenon. As for how to get there, one of the best ways to visit the region’s famous bays is by kayak, many of which are completely see-through, giving visitors an unforgettable view as they float atop glowing algae that lights the surf in a dreamy shade of blue.

Minimum age requirement: 5+ years


In Antigua

Laviscount Island

Families with a taste for adventure will love exploring Antigua’s Laviscount Island, a place where ecology, history and fun join forces for an unforgettable day in paradise. While the island stands out with its colorful shoals of fish and towering red mangrove plants, it’s best known for its colony of giant Aldabra tortoises, which guests can pet and even feed. Of course, the tortoise isn’t the only wow-worthy creature guests will encounter; the region is also home to the rare Lesser Antillean iguana and colorful macaw parrots.

Minimum age requirement: 2+ years


In Puerto Vallarta

Ziplining at Canopy River

Thrill-seeking travelers can catch a rush when they fly high above the lush green canopies and rugged mountain landscapes of beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Canopy River, a local tour operator, offers a guided 11-zipline circuit where travelers will cross Jorullo Bridge, the longest hanging bridge in the world, and enjoy perks like a mule ride, a tequila tasting and a complimentary welcome drink along the way.

Minimum age requirement: 6+ years


3 Tips for Booking Family Excursions

  1. Choose Trusted Brands
    Whether you endorse companies you’ve worked with in the past or look to your consortia or host agency for guidance, it’s essential to recommend reputable brands and activities.
  2. Book the Right Excursions
    Tailor your clients’ itineraries to perfection by asking questions. Things like how active families want to be, how old the members of their group are and which types of activities they’re looking for are essential to choosing the right excursions.
  3. Help Families Prepare
    Make embarking on an adventure easy by prepping travelers in advance. Will they be spending lots of time outdoors? Remind them to hydrate and bring sunscreen. Will there be a mix of water and land activities? Don’t forget a change of clothes. Is lunch or dinner included? If not, snacks are essential. Sharing your knowledge further solidifies your value to your clients.

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