Step 1: Explore The Mark Travel Brands

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Get to know some of the benefits that you enjoy across our brands.

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Step 2: Get registered

Booking and service for all TMTC brands is easily expedited through our award-winning VAX VacationAccess booking engine.

  • Register first to use the VAX VacationAccess booking engine. Click here to register.
    • Note: If your agency is registered with a host agency (KHM, Nexion, etc), you need to contact your host account’s Site Manager in order to get registered in VAX. You should not register your agency separately with VAX or with The Mark Travel Corporation.
    • Note: If you are a new agent but the agency you work with is already registered for VAX, your agency owner or account manager will need to set up your login. You should not register separately for VAX.
  • Then, register to sell The Mark Travel Corporation brands. Click here to see how.
    • Note: This also does not apply to agencies already registered with a host account.
  • Once you register, stay engaged: Subscribe to our e-mails to receive exclusives, earning opportunities and more from our brands. When you subscribe, you could also be entered to win $50 Agent Bonus Cash.  

Step 3: Join the New Agent Webinar Series - View the latest syllabus here.

After attending, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the 4 Mark Travel brands, and how can I earn top commission?
  • What is the Upgrade Bonus and how can I get paid to upgrade?
  • What is the email sales tool and how can I use it to capture my client's interest?
  • What are Groups Your Way and Traditional Contracted Groups? How can I earn more with groups?
  • What are some advanced booking techniques to save me time and money?
  • How can I promote my business using the Creative Connection Tool (100's of free hotel images and modifiable flyers)?

Step 4: Continue learning and maximizing your earning potential with additional trainings - View our Education Calendar here.

Within the Education Calendar you can:

  • View all trainings available each month in a calendar format for easy planning and reference.
  • Register for webinars right from the calendar.
  • Missed a webinar you wanted to attend? View the recording on demand, available directly in the calendar.
  • Share learning opportunities with others via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and more.