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10 Popular International Destinations for Spring Break 2019 on VAX

You may already be planning spring break trips for your clients, but if you’re not yet and you need some inspiration, here are some popular destinations for spring break 2019 on VAX. Plus get some great hotel picks in each one!

  1. 1. Punta Cana

    A place known for its resorts and white sand beaches, Punta Cana is the leisure lover's ultimate getaway, and it’s climbing the charts on VAX. Located on the most eastern cape of the Dominican Republic, the region looks out over the azure seas of the Atlantic Ocean and dense mangrove forests where a multitude of birds and animals unique to the Caribbean live.

    Punta Cana Resorts VAX Agents Love

  2. 2. Cancun

    A perennial favorite on VAX, Cancun attracts about four million visitors each year to its pristine white beaches, its top-notch resort and hotel scene and its crystal blue water. With almost constant sun and warm temps, Cancun is an obvious contender for spring break trips.

    Cancun Resorts VAX Agents Love

  3. 3. Montego Bay

    As the second-largest city in Jamaica, Montego Bay no doubt has a lot going on for travelers, and VAX agents definitely know that! Doctor’s Cave Beach, Gloucester Avenue (the Hip Strip), Church Street and of course miles of white sand and clear water are just some of the many reasons MBJ is a great spring break pick.

    Montego Bay Resorts VAX Agents Love

  4. 4. Puerto Vallarta

    One of Mexico's most popular vacation destinations, Puerto Vallarta is a favorite for tourists from around the world and Mexicans alike. Renowned for its great beaches, charming cobblestone streets in the city and world-class resorts, Vallarta is a gem among destinations and another VAX fave.

    Puerto Vallarta Resorts VAX Agents Love

  5. 5. Los Cabos

    You can’t talk about spring break without talking about Cabo. Sure it’s a favorite for college spring breakers, but it’s also emerging as a high-end destination with new, luxury resorts catering to the highest of standards.

    Los Cabos Resorts VAX Agents Love

  6. 6. Aruba

    Aruba has the most of sunny days of any island in the Caribbean and 82-degree days year-round, making for the perfect beach vacation destination, especially in the dregs of March and April weather in the U.S.

    Aruba Resorts VAX Agents Love

  7. 7. Costa Rica

    Travelers love Costa Rica for its seemingly laid-back culture and "pura vida" lifestyle. Plus, with more travelers wanting an eco-friendly vacation, agents are looking to Costa Rica more and more, as it’s known for its robust eco-tourism efforts.

    Costa Rica Resorts VAX Agents Love

  8. 8. Nassau

    A treasure-trove of experiences awaits travelers to the Bahamas, and Nassau is a great choice for all types of spring break travelers, from families to couples to adventure-seekers. The island is convenient to get to, as it has its own international airport.

    Nassau Resorts VAX Agents Love

  9. 9. Cozumel

    Isla Cozumel, encompassing only about 250 square miles, is small but packs a big punch. It boasts great beaches, nice people, and safe streets, with prices comparable to other Mexican tourist destinations.

    Cozumel Resorts VAX Agents Love

  10. 10. Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia is the perfect blend of powerful landscapes of magnificent verdant rainforests, with spectacular coastal beauty presenting a Caribbean island with a burst of natural splendor at every turn. Look to Saint Lucia for a unique, memorable spring break experience.

    Saint Lucia Resorts VAX Agents Love

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