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11 Tips for Planning the Perfect Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas – just reading it is enough to evoke images of lavish pool parties, extravagant shows, and of course, blackjack tables. But long gone are the days when travelers visited Las Vegas just to sip a drink in the sun or try their luck at the casino. Now, Las Vegas is attracting travelers who want to explore the many museums and historical attractions, the booming food scene and the breathtaking natural beauty. That said, here are eleven tips, straight from VAX agents, to help you make the most of your clients’ Las Vegas vacation.

Here are five experiences your clients should not miss.

  1. Since I am a family focused agent, I like to tell them to visit the Springs Preserve if they want to do something off of the strip and also make sure to take your Marvel fans to the Avengers STATION at Treasure Island.
    Stacey C., Startstuff Travel in New Jersey
  1. Purchase Happy Hour Night Time tickets to ride the High Roller Ferris wheel. You'll have open bar for 45 minutes while overlooking the Las Vegas skyline.
    Jenee B., Travel Leaders in Pennsylvania
  1. Freemont Street experience. Many clients don't visit Freemont Street simply because they don't know it's there.
    Courtney W., Avanti Travel in California
  1. Visit Downtown Las Vegas/Old Vegas. It’s a great experience – live jazz, a party in the street and it makes you feel excited to be on vacation.
    Shaunta C., Xstream Travel in Michigan
  1. There are so many, but one I recently tried myself and I would highly recommend, is the Las Vegas Foodie Tour. The downtown one! It is a great way to try restaurants you may normally not go to or know of.
    Deborah W., Gulliver’s Travel Northpark in Iowa

Are you a new travel agent? Here’s what you need to know to sell Vegas.

  1. Las Vegas is for everyone, but mostly for adults. The best length of time is 3 nights/4 days. They will want to come back after that because you cannot see everything. Sunday-Thursday is cheaper on hotel prices vs. Friday-Saturday.
    Annette W., Toto Travel Group/KHM in Kansas
  1. Check to see what conventions, festivals, or concerts are happening when your client is going to Vegas. Moving the travel dates a day or two can make a huge difference.
    Hilary L., Premier Choice Travel in Georgia
  1. Let them know each resort has a daily resort fee. I've seen up to $55/day at some hotels. Some hotels may also have you put a deposit down when you get there.
    Tamara F., Tam’s Travel Tales in Texas
  1. The old strip and new strip are completely different, know your clients preferences.
    Heather K., Springfield Travel Shoppe in Illinois
  1. Las Vegas offers something for everyone. You don't have to go for gambling, nightlife or the great shows. You can go for the history, use it as a base to do day trips to nearby places like the Grand Canyon or even go for the great restaurants if you're a foodie.
    Shelley M., Horizon Vacations in Texas
  1. Gone are the $1.99 buffets and $.99 shrimp cocktails!! It's a luxury destination now with great restaurants and spas. If at all possible avoid the middle of March during "March Madness" unless you want to be around a lot of screaming college basketball fans. Also – most pools don't open until April.
    Terry L., Middleton Travel in Wisconsin

With the endless opportunities for adventure and excitement, planning a trip to Las Vegas can seem like a challenging task. Luckily, these crowdsourced tips from VAX agents can point you in the right direction. And remember, you can always head over to the city’s destination page to learn more about suppliers, hotels and facts about this lively city.

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