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3 Essential Jamaican Adventures for Millennials

Long gone are the negative connotations that coincide with the term millennial, especially when it comes to traveling. Millennials are willing to spend whatever it takes to have the most authentic adventure possible, as long as they can document the experience on the phone in their hand.

Don’t dive head first into the Blue Lagoon before swimming deeper into what will make this vacation one for the books – or Instagram stories. Here are three ways for millennial travelers to dive into the culture of Jamaica during what could be their dream vacation, yearly reunion with close friends or even a last-minute tropical romantic getaway.

Visit Dunn’s River Falls and Park (+ Margaritaville)

Dunn’s River Falls and Park in Ocho Rios is the place to be when in Jamaica. U.S. News & World Report rates this number one for the best thing to do in Jamaica. Make sure when your millennial clients are traveling to Jamaica, this destination can be crossed off right away.

Tourists can venture off unaccompanied or choose to be escorted by a guide. While the hike and views upon the rocks and pictures taken are priceless, admission is only $20 for adults and $12 for kids. This attraction is open daily from 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m., however on cruise ship days they open at 7:00a.m. But it’s always 5 o’clock next door at Margaritaville. This destination features a private beach, restaurant and nightclub with swim-up bars; a 60-foot waterslide; and plenty more to Snapchat to friends. Talk about #FOMO.

Rick’s Café

Millennials would much rather spend money on an authentic experience compared to an overpriced souvenir. Who hasn’t heard of cliff diving and immediately pictured Jamaica’s crispy emerald and glistening waters? Rick’s Café in Negril should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Sometimes a relaxing sight-seeing tour at sunset is needed while lying on a catamaran sipping a fruity drink or enjoying some Jamaican Jerk. This can occur at the same spot where people are jumping off of 40 foot cliffs, while others are simply enjoying a romantic dinner with an uninterrupted sunset view at the restaurant. Views and tunes at sunset are actually why Rick’s Cafe is so well-known. Sights at sunset are incomparable while reggae plays in the background every evening. Now that’s a Jamaican vibe, mon!

Rastafari Indigenous Village

Rastafarianism codes every aspect of daily life. Jamaica’s Rastafari people are warm and welcoming, wanting to share their values of equality, healthy living and connectedness with nature. The Rastafari Indigenous Village cultural theme park extends an authentic opportunity to experience the religion to tourists. From eating, drinking, moving and procreating, millennial tourists in Jamaica would benefit from experiencing the Rastafarian way of life for a day on their trip to the village in Montego Bay.

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