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3 Super Simple Steps to Supersize Your Commission

Wave Season is winding down but that doesn’t mean your commission checks should take a hit. Now’s the perfect time to assess your profitability and make any changes needed to continue on course. However, there’s no need to struggle to find a profitable solution! Below are three super simple ways any travel advisor can adopt to increase their commission. Follow them and watch as your commission checks double, or even triple!

Add Insurance

This is probably one of the most effective ways of boosting your commission. Most cruise lines or tour operators will offer it to you when you book your client’s trip. However, you can always quote a policy directly from an insurance provider like Allianz, TravelSafe, or Travel Guard. If you do end up going directly, commission percentages range between 15 - 35%!

This should go without saying but adding insurance isn’t just in your wallet’s best interest, but in your client’s. Unfortunate tragedies, delayed flights, inclement weather, and even job loss are just a few reasons why you should advocate for travel insurance. Also, it’s an easier sale than you’d expect. Today’s travelers are getting smarter and more cautious. According to a Squaremouth survey, 2019 will see an uptick in travelers wanting to purchase emergency medical insurance, particularly on international trips. However, 9 in 10 people still say getting their money back "for a canceled trip" is a top motivator for purchasing insurance.

Honestly, this is a no brainer - for you and your clients.

Swing for the Suites

Cruising is more popular than ever! And it comes at no surprise, there’s literally an option for every and any type of traveler. Throw in the fact that family and multi-generational travel is on the rise and you’ve found yourself a profitable niche. However, don’t hinder yourself (and your client’s experience) by pricing out an oceanview or an inside cabin. It’s best to start with the suites.

On most major cruise lines, suites come with some added perk or benefit. Think free OBC, complimentary food or drinks, and access to private lounges, restaurants, and pools! It varies, but suites typically offer a much larger standing area and bathroom, which is perfect for families or clients that intend on relaxing in their room on a sea day.

Even with the most budget-conscious traveler, your client is looking for the value in their vacation. Woo them with all the added features, benefits, and perks before mentioning any price tag. Ultimately, if you can’t get them onboard with a suite, there’s always the balcony.

More People, More Money

Yes, I’m talking about groups, specifically affinity groups. For those unfamiliar, an affinity group is a group of people linked by a common interest or event. Think a sorority, softball team, or church congregation. Tapping into this market is an amazing way of scaling your commission.

If you’re not already part of an affinity group, look for groups in your area (or on the Internet), reach out, and if they’re interested, send over a proposal. It’s even easier if there’s a huge event that that group would be interested in. For example, the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany. This is a Christian play that occurs only every 10 years (the next one is in 2020). This is the perfect chance to reach out to local churches, offer your help, and get a group together.

Plenty of tour operators and cruise lines have a dedicated groups team that will help you book your group and guide you through the whole process, up until they day of their departure. Just don’t forget to add on the insurance.

Frankly, there’s several different ways you can score a larger commission check. If you’re still unsure, reach out to a more experienced travel advisor or your host agency. Both are viable options in helping you grow as a profitable small business. Comment below other ways you’re increasing your commission!

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