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4 Things Agents Must Know About VAX

Welcome to VAX VacationAccess, the award-winning leisure travel marketplace! You are now a part of an elite community of 90,000+ travel agents where you can learn, earn and grow in the profession you love.

We have rounded up our best tips, tricks and even advice from experienced VAX agents to help you get started. Whether you are new to the industry or just to VAX, here are the top four things you must know about VAX to help you succeed and take off in the right direction.

  1. Using the booking engine

VAX’s industry-leading booking engine allows you to create personalized, end-to-end vacation packages that fit each of your clients’ unique needs. To start booking on VAX, you must register with each supplier you want to sell. Then you’re ready to choose from vacation components including air, hotel, features and excursions to build the perfect vacation package for your clients. Having these choices all on one convenient platform is why agents prefer VAX’s booking engine over the competitors. There is so much “variety and so many options to book,” says Jill C. from Cruise Brothers. You can even book single or multi-destination itineraries, and narrow down your search results using VAX’s unique filters by choosing the hotel rating and desired amenities to ensure you are meeting everything on your clients’ wish lists. 

It also includes a Booking Administration button to set your own commission and value for your services. You even have the option to control if you would like it displayed as a separate fee or included in the package price.

  1. Staying connected with The Compass

VAX’s brand new resource: The Compass, is designed exclusively for travel agents – providing daily content and information to help you grow your business. Come back daily to explore articles form industry leaders and travel experts across multiple topics; from travel inspiration to day-to-day business tips.

  1. Engaging with your clients from start to finish

VAX wants you to stay connected with your clients and engage with your brand even after their trip is over. Check out the resources tab to view a list of tools that will help you sell your brand even further. In fact, many VAX agents take advantage of these tools. “Definitely use the sales email,” says Adrienne M., from Luxevo Vacations. The sales email tool allows you to send VAX-exclusive promotions, discounts and incentives from your preferred suppliers, directly to your clients. Showcase your professionalism by creating customized itineraries to meet your clients’ needs. You can even include your own personalized agency logo at the bottom to reinforce your brand and get your name out there.

  1. Education & training tools for travel agents

You’ll find a wealth of agent-facing resources on VAX. Sign-up for informative supplier webinars, view their Supplier Showcases for deals and promotions and even participate in Learning Games sponsored by your preferred suppliers. “I find that I get so much information when attending the webinars, I actually am disappointed when unable to attend,” said Deborah A. from AAA Chicago. You can even learn about all the destinations bookable on VAX with over 140 destination pages to choose from.

If your travel business specializes within a niche market, be sure to check out VAX’s Specialty Travel pages. You’ll get exclusive tips and tricks from planning the perfect destination wedding, becoming the go-to family travel expert or even designing the ultimate romantic getaway.


While VAX is proud to provide an industry-leading booking engine exclusively for travel agents, you will soon find that VAX is much more than that. You are now a part of the best leisure travel marketplace; dedicated to helping you manage your day-to-day business operations and making you an ever better travel professional!

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