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4 Things Agents Need to Know about the Kilauea Volcano Eruption

As news about the Kilauea volcano eruption clouds the internet, many of you might be worried about the potential impact this could have on your clients future travel plans. Here are the top four things travel agents need to know about the recent volcanic activity (spoiler: there’s no need to stress - travel to Hawaii is safe):

  1. According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, there is absolutely no reason at this time for travelers to change or alter their leisure or business plans. In fact, none of the Hawaiian Islands are affected by Kilauea volcano except a remote area on the island of Hawaii’s east side (see map of affected area) and the Kilauea Summit. And, out of the island’s 4,028 square miles, only a remote area of less than 10-square-miles is affected. So, if your clients are thinking of ditching their trip, reassure them that while the event is certainly news-worthy, it is no reason to miss out on their relaxing beach vacation.
  1. Ok, so now that you know your clients will be safe on the islands, you’re probably wondering about flights. Rest assured that all flights into Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole - KOA (west) and Hilo International Airport - ITO (east) are operating normally.
  1. But, what about the activities your clients had planned? No need to worry because all accommodations, activities and attractions on the island are also operating normally, with the exception of those in the area affected by the lava activity. Although, if your clients were planning to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (some 40 miles away), we have some bad news; the park has been closed indefinitely as a precautionary measure.
  1. And of course, you need to know about the air quality. After all, many of your clients might be traveling with children. According to the HTA, air quality on the island of Hawaii remains largely unchanged with this situation. But, the area where the lava is flowing can be hazardous (SO2-sulfur dioxide) and very light ash fall may be present. Fortunately, officials are continuing to monitor air quality, so you can trust that your clients will be safe.

As travel agents, you have the unique ability to provide important information to your clients that could impact their end-to-end experience. By reassuring your clients before their trip, you are setting them up for a truly enjoyable vacation.

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