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5 Destinations for Wellness Around the World

Something every traveler deserves is a little relaxation. Call it wellness, me time or self-care; these destinations are the perfect spots to recharge your batteries.

1. Swedish spas

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If there’s one thing the Swedes have perfected, its work-life balance. For over 300 years the people of Sweden have been enjoying the benefits of spa and health resorts nestled in snowy mountaintops, bustling cities and magical landscapes. And while it may seem cliché to imagine our European friends steaming away in a wood-fired sauna, this is actually the weekend getaway reality for many. Want to experience the wellness for yourself? Visit Sweden recommends Stockholm’s Sturebadet and Gothenburg’s Hagabadet for some high quality R&R.   

2. Sedona vortexes

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The combo of otherworldly rock formations and the magic of ancient vortexes make the city of Sedona a heavy hitter for all things wellness. Yup, you read that right, I said magic! People travel from all corners of the globe to experience Sedona’s famed vortexes, buzzing energy fields that aid in healing, meditation and self-exploration. Don’t believe in magic? The sheer beauty of this place is sure to leave you feeling inspired and recharged, but for the sake of fun we recommend you keep an open mind.

3. Switzerland’s baths

Take a dip in one of Switzerland’s famed thermal baths and emerge with a next-level taste of relaxation. Zurich’s Stadtbad Hammam Sauna and Spa is a fabulous example of one of the country’s most popular, stylish and modern wellness spots and is famous for their ancient Ayurvedic massage techniques. And since self-care is all about balance, be sure to stop by the spa’s next-door neighbor and local bar Volkshaus, for an adult beverage or two. 

4. Palm Springs’ relaxation

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Set against the picturesque palm desert with its Joshua trees and sunny mountaintops, it’s almost as if the city of Palm Springs was designed with wellness in mind. The perfect backdrop for outdoor recreation, Palm Springs is well known for its exciting mountain biking trails, impressive hikes and beautiful swimming pools. Of course, anyone who’s been on Instagram sometime within the past five years will have heard of Palm Springs’ famous Coachella music festival where attendees can enjoy guided meditation and yoga sessions in between acts from popular music artists.

5.Guatemalan yoga retreats

Release your every worry with an invigorating yoga flow in Guatemala. Whether you prefer handstands or shavasana, Guatemala is where novices and soon-to-be teachers alike flock for yogi-related fun. The Yoga Forest is one of many popular yoga retreats in the area and features glorious natural temples, sound healing sessions and even a forest sauna. Yoga Forest has programs appropriate for personal and group retreats for those looking to kick it alone or find Zen with a few of their besties.

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