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5 Unexpectedly Romantic Destinations

We gave Alexa and Siri a break and filled you in on the top five romantic cities. Love is in the air, so are you ready for more romance? Check out these five non-traditional romantic destinations around the world.

1. Moosehead Lake Region, Maine

Hawaii and Maine are similar in the sense that the possibilities are endless for embarking on romance in the moonlight. Wade through Moosehead Lake at moonlight via canoe and you and your partner will hear nothing but wildlife and soft splashes from your paddles painting the pond as you pass. A trained naturalist will organize an antipasto platter alfresco and will be able to fill you in on star constellations and wildlife disclaimers. This romantic lakeside evening is best experienced at Lodge at Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine, but it’s only available Memorial Day weekend through the first day of October.

2. Old Pueblo, aka Tucson, Arizona

Whether it’s time for a romantic winter getaway to a UNESCO gastronomical site or you and your partner have a cycling itinerary to cruise through, Tucson should make the list. Hike with each other to the Sabino Canyon in the Catalina Mountain Range or hop aboard Tucson Balloon Rides later on for a romantic panoramic view of the desert. At Mount Lemmon, visitors see the universe in a way that most people never will have the chance to. With telescopes atop mountains, Tucson’s clear air and nearly 350 nights of dark skies, you’ll enjoy views like never before while visiting the astronomy capital of the world.

3.Paris of the South, aka New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is dubbed “Paris of the South,” since it flourishes with French charm, culture and an unbeatable culinary scene. If it’s date night, swap hurricanes and beignets for champagne and chocolate at Sucré. Take a carriage ride through the French Quarter, tour lagoons via Venetian styled gondolas or picnic in City Park for a cute lunch for two. Walk hand-in-hand around the Garden District to see how residents preserve the city’s history. All ages are welcome at the Preservation Hall where visitors can protect, preserve and perpetuate all things jazz in NOLA. Visit this Crescent City along the Mississippi River and let the good times roll, aka “laissez les bon temps rouler.”

4. Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia

How can you even compare your favorite Croatian islands with the Greek Islands anymore? If you’re craving a vacation infused with romance and celebration, the Dalmatian Coast is ready for you to dive in, literally. If you and your partner love the sea and wine, travel to the Peljesac Peninsula. Visitors will discover a submerged world of wine at the Edivo Vina Winery. There’s also a sunken boat used as an underwater cellar at the bottom of Mali Ston Bay. Cheers to that!

5. The Troll Peninsula, Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice, aka the gateway to a secluded stay, is the place to be for adventurous travelers. Instead of flying south in the winter, head to the topmost part of Iceland, the Troll Peninsula. Go heli-skiing from summit to sea, ride horses beneath beaming Northern Lights or gallivant above glaciers surrounded by massive cliffs and fjords. Cold nights are no match for views of glimmering green in the sky, from the comfort of natural hot springs. It’s similar to Niagara Falls, but soon you’ll see why it’ll be the pinnacle of your clients’ romantic retreats together.

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