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7 Next-Level Dining Experiences for the Adventurous Foodie

From exciting settings to bizarre themes, the world has some interesting dining options. So tie on your bib and join us on a journey from Thailand to Belgium with these exhilarating culinary must-sees.

  1. Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Thailand

    Enjoy a meal 16 feet above ground at Thailand’s Bird’s Nest restaurant located inside the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort where diners are suspended in cozy treepods. Each pod is fashioned out of wood and is designed to resemble a large basket or nest giving travelers a taste of what it’s like to relax amongst the treetops. With waiters zip-lining from tree to tree with the main course, it’s easy to say that a meal at Bird’s Nest is a dining experience that won’t be forgotten.

  2. Grotta Palazzese, Italy

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    An inspiration for artists around the world, Italy’s Grotta Palazzese makes for a good muse. Nestled within a natural cave, Grotta Palazzese has been a popular spot for banquettes and parties since the 1700s. Today the restaurant is referred to by many as “the most romantic restaurant in the world” and is famous for its sprawling patio with sensational views of the Adriatic Sea.

  3. Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok

    Not recommended for travelers with a fear of heights, Bangkok’s Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar is situated 61 floors above the city. Arguably one of Bangkok’s finest rooftops, Vertigo serves views of the city’s downtown district and the Chao Phraya River that can’t be beat with impeccable dining service on the side. While gorgeous any time of day, it’s recommended to visit the restaurant at dusk for unforgettable sunsets.

  4. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

    Dine among the fishes without getting your feet wet at Ithaa, one of the world’s only sub-oceanic restaurants located five meters below the surface. Immerse yourself in this undersea wonderland as marine life of every shape, size and color flutter past while you enjoy a luxurious four-course lunch or six-course European-style dinner.

  5. Dinner in the Sky, Various Locations

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s you and 22 of your closest friends eating dinner in the sky. A concept that originated in Belgium, Dinner in the Sky can best be explained as a flying dinner table and an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. Now with locations around the world, this exhilarating meal is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

  6. Nocti Vagus, Berlin

    Discover how touch, taste, smell and sound come into play when you dine in pure darkness at Berlin’s Nocti Vagus with no help from your peepers. Featuring a tantalizing four-course menu, this treasured restaurant is popular for its murder mystery show, live music and erotic dinner (aka food that is considered an aphrodisiac).

  7. The Lockup, Tokyo

    We saved what is undoubtedly the most bizarre attraction on this list for last, say hello to The Lockup, Tokyo’s spot where horror fans go to get their thrills while they dine. Upon arrival, visitors are handcuffed and guided to down a dark hallway lined with dining booths designed to resemble a jail cell where they can peruse a menu of creative offerings with unsettling names like prison chicken black, zombie entrails yaki and fried devil box. But the real fun starts with the monster show. Three times a night, the restaurant experiences a blackout and cloaked monsters are left to roam the dimly lit hallways and lurk near each prison cell door.

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