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8 Pro Tips for Visiting Turks & Caicos

Who knows destinations better than travel agents? No, seriously? What we’ve got here is eight tips for visiting Turks & Caicos from travel professionals.

  1. “It is beautiful, has something for all ages, and is clean and safe. A bit pricier than some Caribbean islands, but worth every penny!!”
    Cindy G., Balboa Travel in Texas
  2. “Go around the island and enjoy different beaches. Check out Taylor Bay Beach, so beautiful!!!”
    Buena M., Bon-Bon Voyage in Texas
  3. “It's good to rent a vehicle because you can go anywhere you want. It's less commercialized than other places in the Caribbean. If you’re not doing an all-inclusive, some restaurants can be a little expensive, but not all. Everywhere you go is beautiful and the food and people are great.”
    Kay D., Vakaytion Travel in Maryland
  4. “It is a beautiful island, just off the Florida Coastline. The flight from Chicago is relatively short!”
    Susan V., Detail in the Travel in Indiana
  5. “Grace Bay is a beautiful beach and the water is so clear it makes snorkeling and diving fantastic.”
    Cindy B., Nexion Canada in Ontario
  6. “Taxis are expensive, so if you want to get out and explore, stay in an area where it's easy to get around.”
    Kim G., Journeys Inc. in Virginia
  7. “Go swimming with horses. It’s an amazing experience to begin with but especially in that clear water.”
    Mandy L., Litterini Travel in Pennsylvania
  8. “It’s a quiet, beautiful, laid-back island perfect for families and honeymooners.”
    Pamela B., Distinctive Travel by Pamela in Virginia

What’s your favorite tip for traveling to Turks & Caicos? Add it below in a comment.

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