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8 Reasons Why Aruba Should Be Next on Your List

Planning for your next Caribbean adventure in Aruba? Find out why it’s known as “One Happy Island,” and check out these top eight tips crowdsourced from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable travel agents.

  1. Aruba is one of the safest islands to explore outside of your resorts. There are a lot of shopping and dining options within the main hotel strip of Palm Beach that is within walking distance.
    Alison M., VIP Vacations Inc. in Pennsylvania
  2. Because it’s outside of the hurricane belt, there are low incidences of hurricanes. This happy island has a low crime rate which makes it great for family, friends or romantic adult getaway.
    Kay F., BlessT2Travel, LLC in Maryland
  3. The Aruba government has worked hard to achieve high safety standards for residents and visitors.
    Ed B., Cruise Brothers in Florida
  4. Aruba is very close to the equator which means the sun is VERY hot. You definitely need to take caution with sunscreen. Aruba is also a gastronomic destination and many restaurants are within walking distance of resorts.
    Tammey P., Life Enhancing Travel in Maryland
  5. The weather is the same year-round. They drive on the same side as U.S. citizens and U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere. Aruba is great for couples, families and groups and offers tons of restaurants and water sport activities.
    Linda B., travLBudi LLC in New Hampshire
  6. Aruba is a beautiful island. Visitors renting cars and exploring is great, but be aware there are limited street signs and navigating can get difficult.
    Shamoon A., Ezymemories in Maryland
  7. The weather is beautiful in Aruba. They’re known for their unique trees that are shaped the way the wind blows. They speak Dutch but English is well-spoken.
    Nikki M., Cruises and Tours Unlimited in Michigan
  8. There aren’t many choices for all-inclusive vacations. However, that opens up the food choices from amazing restaurants in Aruba.
    Shirley J., Cruises and Tours in Florida

It seems as though the weather is always perfect and this is the “one happy island” everyone will love. Are there any helpful Aruba travel tips you don’t see mentioned above? Leave them below in the comments!

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