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Universal Orlando Shows Its Love to Travel Agents

If you know VAX, you know that we’re not shy about how much we love agents. And now, one of the suppliers on VAX is showing their love, too.

Universal Orlando Resort recently established a customer service team just for travel agents. The reason why? In a recent article in Travel Weekly, Fernando Flores Kato, vice president of Universal Parks and Resorts Vacations, said that travel agents have greatly contributed to their growth in the last decade. He recognized the value of the travel agency channel and wanted to give agents more support when selling Universal by creating a customer service team dedicated solely to them.


And they’re making it easy to get in touch with their team. One way is with live chat, available exclusively on VAX. When you’re in the VAX booking engine searching for Universal packages, there’s a blue live chat button on the right side, ready and waiting for you to click and start chatting. The live chat team can help you with product and package component questions, package pricing and availability and more. Even a simple question like where your clients can pick up their park tickets can be answered quickly via live chat.

If chat isn't your thing, there are other ways Universal’s travel agent team can be reached. You can make a good old-fashioned phone call, send an email or even text them! Here’s more info about how you can connect with Universal's travel agent team.


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