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A New Tourist Fee Has Arrived in Los Cabos

According to Mexico News Daily, as of November 9, 2019, the state government of Baja California Sur will begin collecting a 350-peso ($18.50 in U.S. currency) tourist fee for foreign visitors who stay in the state for over 24 hours. According to Travel Weekly, the fee is not mandatory and is not considered a tax. A representative of the Baja California Sur Sustainability fund that we spoke to on November 12, 2019 confirmed this, saying that the payment is not mandatory but it’s a much needed contribution to Baja California. The fee is payable at several pay stations including airport kiosks, cruise ports, hotels and online.

The fee was enacted to help support communities surrounding popular resort towns and the state will use the money to improve infrastructure and social service works in poor and struggling areas. 

“The charge of 350 pesos per visitor will form the Baja California Sur Sustainability Fund with which public security, healthcare, education, housing, employment, sports, culture, agriculture, fishing and tourism and social infrastructure will be strengthened,” said Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis in a Tweet in early November.

In addition to Cabo San Lucas, popular travel destinations San Jose del Cabo and La Paz will also be impacted by these changes. Baja California Sur is one of the most recent examples of the many popular destinations implementing tourist taxes or fees to help combat the negative effects of overtourism.

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