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Alaska Airlines Says Goodbye to Change Fees

Alaska Airlines just joined the no-change-fee club.

The airline announced on September 1 that they were eliminating change fees permanently on all domestic and international tickets.

The no-change-fee club already has four members: United, who announced their elimination of change fees on August 30; Delta, who announced it on August 31; American Airlines, who also announced it on August 31; and Southwest, who has never really charged a change fee but rather has customers pay the difference in the price of the flights.

"COVID has taught us that flexibility in travel is key. As we evolve our approach to travel to include more than 100 safety actions, it's important to give our guests flexibility when they book by eliminating change fees," said Andrew Harrison, executive vice president and chief commercial officer for Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines “sent change fees packing,” but fare differences may apply, similar to Southwest’s policy. Still, this is another big win for travelers, as yet another airline makes traveling and scheduling that much more flexible.

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