Travel insights from Jacki Marks, SVP – Trade Vacations, Apple Leisure Group Vacations

ALGV: Here With You

You're worried. You're tired. You're frustrated. We know, because we're right there with you-you are not alone.

All of us at Apple Leisure Group® Vacations have been fighting alongside you to get clear of the tangles COVID-19 has created and forging a path to recovery. And we've been moving fast.

In our efforts to be proactive on your behalf; create policies with your long-term interests in mind; align with suppliers and airlines; and keep you informed, there are things we learned in the process that we can improve. We understand that with things changing so quickly, it may have been hard to follow. But as we go through this uncharted territory, we're doing all we can to get better at dealing with what COVID-19 has been throwing at us.

We are taking every possible action to ensure that you have all of the information you need via the ALGV Advisor Update page. We know there's a lot on there to digest, but we urge you to take the time to review this site, as it provides answers to nearly every question we've fielded, as well as new information posted as often as hourly.

Please click on the video to hear from the leaders at Apple Leisure Group® Vacations, as they send messages to you from their homes. All of us at ALGV will continue to be here with you You have our support. Thank you for your partnership.


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Jacki Marks
Executive Vice President, Trade Vacations
Apple Leisure Group® Vacations

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