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Aruba Welcoming Visitors from the U.S. Starting July 10

Aruba has been closed to international visitors since early March, but the island will be welcoming visitors from the U.S. once again on July 10, 2020.

On June 10, the government of Aruba announced it will reopen its borders to visitors from different origins in phases. Starting June 15, visitors from Bonaire and Curacao can visit. On July 1, visitors from the rest of the Caribbean (excluding the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Canada and Europe will be allowed to visit. Then U.S. visitors will be welcome on July 10.

Visitors should expect a health screening upon arrival and will now be required to complete the online Embarkation/Disembarkation (ED) card process and be approved in order to enter Aruba. Other entry requirements include:

  • A self-health declaration 72 hours prior to travel to Aruba. Visitors will receive an email reminder to complete the self-health declaration 72 hours prior to travel.
  • Visitors will also need to provide documentation of the requisite health insurance coverage as required by the government of Aruba, to determine if entry to Aruba is permitted. Exact details of the health insurance requirements are forthcoming.
  • An optional upload of documentation indicating a negative PCR (which means polymerase chain reaction) test results 72 hours prior to travel to Aruba.
    • Important to note: The government of Aruba strongly encourages visitors to show documentation indicating a negative PCR test results prior to travel to Aruba.
    • If PCR test is not done prior to travel, the traveler will have to pre-pay for a test that will be administered upon arrival at the Aruba Airport.
  • Upon successful completion of the ED card process, travelers will receive an email confirmation of approval for travel, that must be shown either digitally or in printed form, at check in.
  • Acknowledge and consent that upon arrival and during their stay in Aruba visitors shall cooperate with any type of COVID-19 health screening and testing as indicated by the public health authorities of Aruba, including isolation and/or quarantine.
  • Acknowledge and consent that in case the visitor undergoes diagnostic PCR testing, they shall await their PCR test results in isolation as instructed by the public health authorities.
  • Acknowledge and consent to follow any and all instructions imposed by the public health authorities of Aruba, this includes, but is not limited to, the instruction to be isolated or quarantined due to exposure to COVID-19

Aruba put a lot of effort into keeping travel advisors and travelers engaged during the shutdown with videos, recipes and games inspired by the island. And soon, travelers can experience Aruba for real, as one more major Caribbean destination opens up again.

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