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BDM Beth’s 3 Favorite Booking Tips

One of the reasons I love my job is sharing great tips about the tools on VAX that make your job easier. Since we are in the midst of our Power Up For Peak campaign, I thought I’d share my current favorite three booking engine tips for 2019. I say current, because I can’t always claim the same favorites.

Sales Email

The Sales Email tool will always and forever be a top favorite. The fact that you can quickly and easily send up to six resorts or room categories in one email with links that your clients can click on to choose the property they want for their dream vacation is fabulous. But it isn’t the end of the story. You can also include up to three car option and six features/excursions in the same email as well! The Features also have a link to the profile that provides descriptions and crucial information that can allow the client to determine if it is something that can’t miss or ensure it’s a great fit for their vacation.

The Sales Email can be used a few different ways as well:

  • It can be used to offer inspiration to get your clients thinking about what their next vacation could be.
  • It can then be used again to narrow down options that you’ve used your expertise to include, matching their desired experience based on you qualifying their wishes. Make sure you share upgraded room categories so they have confirmed the category they want and don’t have to hope they get the upgrade when they arrive.
  • Follow up once the deposit is down to include just features to ensure they are getting the excursions they want to enjoy booked for their convenience, locked in and you get the commission for the activities, whether you book them or they are lucky enough to get them booked once they arrive.

We’ve got more details on the Sales Email if you want to learn more.

Additional Searches in Flights

Many agents advise that they would like to be able to compare multiple city airports in their searches. The Additional Search Items option in flight displays does just that. You can switch your origin in the middle of your booking to compare flight options from ORD vs MID to find the flight that best fits your client’s circumstance. It changes your city pairs without starting over, allowing you to continue on with your booking seamlessly. It is quick and easy to switch back to the original departure city if that is the best option for your client. You can find it in the left column of the Outbound Flights panel, but we’ve also got an education page on the flight filters for you, too.

Retrieve Reservations

The newest tool we have added is a true favorite for sure! Retrieving reservations has never been easier or more beneficial for tracking your bookings! I think I love it so much because it is truly as easy as it looks! You can still pull up a reservation with your reservation number as always, but if you don’t have it, simply click SEARCH under reservation search and all of your reservations will appear. You can filter down your results so easily by adding information in the field of your choice and your booking results will appear. Not only that, but you can now export your list of reservations to an excel spreadsheet with even more categories available to view. What a great way to:

  • See when payments are due
  • Watch for fraud
  • See how your business is doing by destination or supplier
  • Manage GYW bookings
  • So much more

Learn more about the updated functionality for retrieving reservations.

Tell me your favorite things about VAX's booking engine in the comments below!

About the Author

Beth Kitzman is the business development manager for Trisept Solutions' Agency Channel for VAX VacationAccess. Beth focuses on nurturing business relationships and finding exciting, unique ways for VAX to support travel agencies. With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, beginning with Walt Disney World then working for airlines and now focusing on travel technology, Beth loves using her education degree to find ways to educate and empower travel agents to grow their leisure travel business.

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