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Bring in the Expert: Americans Still Want Travel Agents

Domestic, long-haul and family getaways, travelers are continuing to seek expertise from travel agents to help make the most out of their trip.

Despite concerns for the role of travel agents in a world where technology is rapidly changing, recent research from AAA found that 75 percent of Americans would consider working with an agent to plan their next adventure. Not only is the outlook for travel agents forecasted as sunny for years to come, AAA also found that millennials are just as likely as baby boomers to embrace the expertise of agents throughout the nation.

“Not only are Americans telling us they are using travel agents, we are seeing it,” said AAA’s Jeanne Casselano.

Nearly half of the surveyed Americans said that a travel agent helps add value to their trip by recommending activities and experiences, arranging tours and excursions, and of course, scouting out the best deals and prices. According to AAA, agents also help travelers by:

  • Saving time – Agents know their stuff, saving time and the hassle of planning a vacation.
  • Using their experience – Been there, done that, travel agents have the experience to expertly recommend the best for their clients.
  • Reducing stress – Let’s face it, vacation planning isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, agents help take away the stress-factor of it all.
  • Helping with the unexpected – Natural disasters, cancelled flights and lost luggage, sometimes things go wrong. Travel agents can help make necessary itinerary changes and act as an advocate for travelers.
Learn more about AAA’s traveler research.

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