Travel insights from Jenna Buege, contributing editor of The Compass

Camper, World Explorer, Travel Writer: A Millennial’s Story

I’m Jenna and I’m a travel writer. A 90s baby from chilly Wisconsin, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a handful of destinations around the world. My recent travels include stops in Germany, Mexico and New Orleans, but my love for exploration started when I was young and we’d pack up the car camper in-tow.

My family spent a lot of time at state parks each summer; I can still remember jumping off the dock with my step-sisters into our inflatable “doughnuts” (inner tubes) and making s’mores around the campfire each night. Adventure later became something I shared with my husband Jake, as we take every opportunity we can to travel. Be it a road trip a few states over or an international affair, one of the first questions people have for us is, “so, do you have any trips planned?”

In addition to wandering the world, one of my other true loves is writing. After a series of odds-and-ends career choices like cosmetology and dental assisting, I finally trusted my gut and went for my bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising and media studies at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

The skills I gained in school and a connection with a good friend from high school led me to apply for an internship at Trisept Solutions, the company that brings agents their beloved VAX VacationAccess and The Compass. From there, everything fell into place and I was able to embrace my two joys in my life: travel and writing.

So, what’s next on my bucket list? I do have a few trips coming up including a visit to Washington, D.C. with my mom and grandma – hooray for multi-gen travel. I’m also looking forward to continuing to write for The Compass and am excited to see which exciting article ideas we come up with next. Looking at the world through the lens of a travel agent has helped me grow as a writer and I love creating shareable content to help make agents’ jobs easier.

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May. 09, 2019
Tags: millennial , travel writer , journalism