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Client Appreciation: Feelings Matter

Whether you are a fairly new consultant or a seasoned pro, a critical component of client-relationship building is showing your appreciation. Gaining a competitive edge is the goal of most businesses, and providing excellent client service can forever distinguish you from your competition. Part of providing excellent service is having having solid education and knowledge. Think about how important your clients are and whether you provide the level of service that makes them feel appreciated. Following is a quick review of the basics for properly serving your clients:

  • Be accessible. Answer your phone within the first three rings. Return all phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Leave an out-of-office message with alternate contact information. Always get back to a client with information when you say you will. Nothing shatters trust more than not following through on your commitments to them. 
  • Be attentive. Always give a client your undivided attention. If you absolutely must put a client on hold, ask permission. Small gestures are BIG indicators of your care and concern for your client’s well-being. When speaking to a client, behave as if that person is the only client who matters because, at that moment, they should be!
  • Be social. Social media is another channel to serve clients. It allows large and small companies to reach customers in a way that feels personal without the need to hire a large pool of workers. Through the use of websites, blogs, and other social media pages, you can be efficient and effective with hundreds of clients who receive a combination of dedicated time and shared expertise.
  • Be an advocate. Give 110% effort to represent your client even when you receive no direct benefit. Clients feel your effort and will know you have his or her best interest at heart at all times.

It’s often been said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Ask yourself: What are your clients remembering about how you are making them feel?

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