Travel insights from Danielle Nicholas, founder & owner of Reflections of Paradise Weddings and Travel, LLC

Connecting People to This Beautiful World: Why I’m a Travel Agent

My name is Danielle Nicholas and I am a travel advisor and destination wedding planner. My interest in being a wedding planner goes back many years ago when I watched the movie “The Wedding Planner,” starring Jennifer Lopez. I watched that movie constantly because it always brought me joy and made me want to be a wedding planner myself. So around 2010, I decided to start my own wedding planning company.

My company started off with one title, which was only in reference to weddings but in 2018, I decided to become an independent contractor with KHM Travel Group. I had come up with a way to design some of my services that would then be connected to my many suppliers through KHM Travel Group. I was thinking that I could offer wedding planning services of course, but I could mainly steer towards destination weddings, since I now had the necessary tools and suppliers to use for that service.

I was mesmerized by the sight of flowing white wedding gowns, beautiful burning candles lighting the way for the bride as she glides down the white-sand pathway into her future. I decided that destination weddings were what I wanted to do, but the plus was that I was an independent agent with a host agency backing me one hundred percent. There are many different suppliers that I can choose from that do destination weddings. All I must really do is book the reservation for a destination wedding and at that point, I really can move on to the next booking. There is usually a representative that will then reach out to the client and take note of all the bells and whistles that they request for their wedding. This made me feel like I had so much support and I was no longer overwhelmed about doing weddings on my own. I was now supported by a host agency that would allow me to book, communicate and keep track of my clients’ spending in and out.

There are a lot of people in the world, and it saddens me to know that many of them will close their eyes to this world, before they are able to see some of the most beautiful places within it. Since I have been in the travel industry, I have learned about so many beautiful places that I didn’t even know existed. Lush vineyards, white-sand beaches, greenery so plush it looks like you could sleep on it like a pillow. I told myself that when I became a travel agent, my goal would be to help the many people in the world by educating them on the beautiful places that exist in this world and that they can travel to, and help them find ways of spending less and receiving more. I believe that every human deserves to have the opportunity to see all the beauty that the world has to offer. It is a shame that many leave this world without truly knowing the priceless beauty within it. As a travel agent, I am going to try my best to change the minds of the world and how they view traveling, one booking at a time.

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