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December 2019 Editor’s Note

Ho, ho, ho-ly cow, it’s already December.

I’m going to take this time to remind you of the REAL ID deadline, which is now less than 11 months away. Here's our article on it.

Now to the fun stuff. December we’re focusing on technology. How could we not? First I need to know how you feel about facial recognition: yay or nay? I’m going to say “nay,” as it really creeps me out. I know I’ve had my face scanned by Customs & Border Patrol (honestly some of the worst pics of myself I’ve ever seen except for my passport photo where I look absolutely crazy), and didn’t really think anything of it. But now that you can board a plane by just scanning your face, I’m freaked out. We’re weighing the pros and cons of facial recognition and want to know how you feel about it, too.

On deck on the technology front, we’ll share the best platforms and apps for communicating with your clients in-destination, we’ll question “smart” technology, analyze social media’s impact on travel and more. Interesting stuff that may or may not make you want to cover up your laptop camera.

December’s destination focus is Asia/Oceania. This is a good one. Here’s what we’ve got planned

  • Top attractions in Asia
  • A guide to the national parks of Australia
  • Wine experiences in Australia and New Zealand (a no-brainer, really)
  • Beach towns in Australia

Have any ideas for us? Want to contribute your own content? Drop us a line at and have a great holiday season!

About the Author

As the managing editor of The Compass on VAX, Andrea is dedicated to delivering valuable, fun and grammatically correct content to her readers (without Oxford commas). Her experience writing and editing in the retail and insurance industries made the move to travel one of the most exciting things to happen in her career. What's the next most-exciting thing for her? Whenever the newest edition of the AP Stylebook comes out.

Follow Andrea on Twitter: @SedlacekAndrea

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