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Destination Roundup for Wellness-Minded Travelers

Unique wellness experiences can be found around the world. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wellness-inspired destinations and activities to help keep your traveler’s feeling their best inside and out. 

Sedona, Arizona

 Sedona is a one of a kind place where the feeling of magic lingers in the air. This destination offers endless outdoor entertainment; travelers can hike the red rock trails, search for healing vortexes and bike world-renowned trails. Not only is Sedona a great place to get in touch with nature, the town is also very wellness-oriented featuring restaurants with health-conscious dishes, a multitude of new age shops and an abundance of spas promising an relaxing afternoon.

Kauai, Hawaii

With mountainous terrain, beautiful beaches and luaus that go ‘til the sun comes up, it’s no surprise that Hawaii made the list. One particularly awesome Hawaiian destination for wellness is Kauai, aka Hawaii’s Garden Island. This secluded paradise offers travelers eco-friendly lodging, farm-to-table dining and endless opportunities for adventure. For a truly unique experience point your guests towards Dolphin Touch Wellness Center where they can participate in dolphin energetics or dolphin reiki.

Tulum, Mexico

All-inclusive resorts and adventurous excursions are what typically come to mind when picturing a Mexico getaway. However, to find our next destination we have to go back to the time of the ancient Mayans. Nestled along the beaches of Tulum is YÄAN Wellness, a spa that brings authentic Mayan practices to a modern world. Local healers come together at YÄAN to merge modern spa practices with massage, mysticism and herbal medicines, resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience not soon to be forgotten.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand draws in globe trotters with martial arts, great eats, sandy beaches and ancient temples. In addition to its historical charm, Thailand is also a hotspot for wellness as Thai culture is sometimes referred to as a gateway to health and happiness. One popular wellness-inspired attraction is the Thailand Wellness Adventures where travelers embark on a 13 day trek through the city and countryside of Chiang Mai. Those who join in on the adventure will enjoy daily yoga and meditation, scrumptious cooking courses, animal encounters and a unique tour of the Bamboo Forest.   

Winnipeg, Canada

While Canada might not be one’s first thought when it comes to wellness-inspired travel, we assure you the Great White North has plenty to offer. Not only does Canada have beautiful, rustic scenery and tons of local wildlife for nature lovers to enjoy, it’s also on trend with many of the latest and greatest wellness crazes. Do you know a snow bunny that’s also a bit of a yogi? Sign them up for a session of yoga on ice during the Winnipeg, Fire and Ice Festival for a totally unique and Instagramable experience. Wondering if your travelers will ever thaw out? No worries, participants are treated to roasted marshmallows and wild-crafted tea after the hour-long session.

Ubud, Bali

Exotic temples and palaces, stunning landscape and fine cuisine, no wonder Bali is the most popular island holiday destination in Indonesia. Home to a multitude of spiritual tours, movie-buffs can enjoy a private Eat, Pray, Love tour complete with a traditional meal in the village of Ubud. Highlights of the tour include a walk through the sacred Monkey Forest and a taste of a local favorite, babi guling.

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