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Enhance Your Destination Wedding with Amazing Wedding Favors

Show your gratitude for those that went the extra mile with gifts that do the same.

One of the most exceptional things about a destination wedding is that guests share in the best gift of all—an experience with the people and place.

macaroons and cupcakes on a platter


Treat: Although there are many exciting activities planned, and so many reasons to get out the door, you can add a few simple yet meaningful touches to spoil your company during their quiet time. Chocolates and mini Champagne bottles are perfectly petite yet so satisfying.

Equip: Upon check-in, make sure each of your guests receives a care package filled with thoughtful and fun amenities. Try mini native liquors and food items to complement their new experiences.

Comfort: Leave Turkish beach blankets in each room. These 100-percent cotton blankets have multiple uses as a bath towel, beach blanket and towel. Plus, your guests will leave with a signature item that they can use many times.

Memories: A wedding plus a tropical locale equals great pictures. Leave a silver picture frame for each guest so they can reminisce often.

mat, hat, bag, sunglasses and camera on the beach


Prepare: Pack a proper beach bag for each guest with some practical and fun items like sunglasses, a bottle of water, personalized sunscreen and maybe the latest read, “Your Story,” which of course is the tale of how the two of you met, and how thankful you are that each person made the trip.

Add some ah: A destination wedding is full of experiences; make sure there are some relaxing ones. Destination resort spas are some of the best in the world, so surprise guests with a luxurious spa treatment.

Excite: Get in a festive mood with an excursion. From swimming with dolphins to a catamaran cruise, unique outings will create even more joy for everyone.

Evoke: Set the mood for spontaneity and have a campfire on the beach for some good-old-fashioned fun.

hat and flipflops on sand


Dance: Leave a couple pairs of flip-flops in each guest room. They’ll come in handy for dancing at the wedding and daily beach strolls.

Light up the night: Create a ceremony that includes sparklers, and encourage guests to participate for a truly festive and memorable evening.

Share: Ask each guest to write his or her name and well wishes on a note and slide it into a large bottle. Instead of a guest book, you’ll go home with your very own set of “messages in a bottle.” For a fun twist, create a personalized label to commemorate the special occasion.

Seal: Ask your family members to stamp their thumbprints onto a tree print. These will be the leaves on an emblematic and personal family tree.


  • Consider hosting a welcome cocktail reception for your guests when they arrive. It’s a great way for everyone to become acquainted, and it sets the tone for their stay.
  • A tequila tasting in Mexico or a rum tasting in the Caribbean will add an extra measure of local flavor and culture to your guests’ experience.
  • Many couples are choosing to do a “wish lantern release.” The memory of watching your guests release these biodegradable lanterns into the night sky is one that will last a lifetime.

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