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February Editor’s Note

Look how far we’ve come.

This time last year, we were less than a month away from launching our site redesign and The Compass. I was excited, tired, scared, nervous. I was everything. And now look at us – we are thriving! Right along with travel agents and the industry in general. What a year it’s been.

There have been some outside sources of stress, most noticeably the 35-day government shutdown that not only impacted travelers’ airport security experiences, but also took a major toll on national parks and the Smithsonian museums and delayed Trusted Traveler Program applications, just to name a few things. It was a pretty nerve-wracking time, especially during peak season. But let’s move on and start looking ahead.

What does February bring us on The Compass? This month we’re focusing on the destination of Hawaii as well as cruises, sometimes both at the same time! We know how you love our ultimate guides (The Travel Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Cancun is one of our most-read articles), so we’ll be dropping The Ultimate Guide to the Hawaiian Islands for you very soon. We’ve also got an article from The Travel Institute (love them), a piece on Hawaii breweries and wineries (cheers!) and a little something on Hawaiian culinary experiences (no Spam though). On the cruise side, it’s wave season, so while you’re busy booking awesome cruises for your clients, we’ll be busy publishing content on new cruise ports, new ships and new cruise packages.

We also have some exciting new additions to The Compass coming in February. One includes agent voices (that means you), so like I’ve said in the past, if you want to get published on The Compass, let us know! And like I’ve also said before, you don’t have to necessarily be a writer in order to get published. As a travel professional, you’ve experienced so much because of your job: the amazing places you’ve been and the incredible people you’ve met. Don’t underestimate yourself! Write your story or your experience and send it to us at We’ll spiff it up for you, taking care of any extra or missing punctuation, and publish it for the world to see.

But you don’t have to write a full-on article to get the star treatment. Keep your eye on our Facebook page, because we’re going to make it so easy to have your voice heard on The Compass. And don’t forget, you can always comment on our articles – scroll to the bottom and let us know your thoughts on the topic. You know we love to hear from you in any and every way.

About the Author

As the managing editor of The Compass on VAX, Andrea is dedicated to delivering valuable, fun and grammatically correct content to her readers (without Oxford commas). Her experience writing and editing in the retail and insurance industries made the move to travel one of the most exciting things to happen in her career. What's the next most-exciting thing for her? Whenever the newest edition of the AP Stylebook comes out.

Follow Andrea on Twitter: @SedlacekAndrea

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