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Frontier Airlines Announces 25 New Nonstop Routes for 2020

In mid-December, budget-airliner Frontier Airlines unveiled 25 nonstop routes including service to two new destinations in the Dominican Republic: Santiago and Santo Domingo. The announcement of these 25 new routes also marked Frontier Airlines’ return to Central America with upcoming service to Guatemala City and San Salvador.

In addition, Frontier also revealed plans for their newest base in Miami, set to open in March 2020. The new base is expected to employ more than 100 flight attendants and 30 pilots within the first three months, creating new jobs in the Miami area.

“Frontier is among the fastest growing airlines in the U.S. and we are excited to introduce 25 new routes including more flights from Newark, expansion in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and new flights to Guatemala City and San Salvador,” said Daniel Shurz, senior vice president of commercial for Frontier Airlines. “We recognize the demand for affordable air travel in these communities and are proud to bring our brand of ‘Low Fares Done Right’ to these sought-after destinations.”

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