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Get Cultured in Belize with These 4 Excursions

Belize is an emerging leisure travel destination, packed with natural experiences that highlight its Mayan ambience, unparalleled to anywhere else on the map. It’s around the size of Massachusetts but is its own little world, full of Mayan cultural experiences and roots that reflect both Central America and the Caribbean.

Dive in and discover Belize’s best four low-key excursions bookable on VAX.

  1. 1. Jungle Trolley, Bamboo Raft & Mayan Village Tour

    Outside of Belize City, travel back in time with the Jungle Trolley, Bamboo Raft & Mayan Village tour. You’ll take a trolley through the lush jungle and rainforest which ultimately leads to an authentic and discreet Mayan village. To taste the cuisine, to see how Mayans lived and to learn about holistic approaches to medicine, you’ll have to float down the Olde Belize River. The tractor-drawn trolley will twist and turn down paths until the next part of the tour. Look out for birds, crocodiles, iguanas and monkeys as you’re floating along the river on a bamboo raft.

  2. 2. Countryside Horseback Riding Tour

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    Sometimes saddling up to gallop around farmlands and the rural, picturesque beauty is done best by hoof, which you can do on the Countryside Horseback Riding tour. You’ll gallop through the village of St. Paul’s Bank and the Belize Savannah Forest atop a well-trained horse as your guide. There’s a chance you’ll see howler monkeys thriving in their natural habitat. After the ride is done, devour homemade Belizean cuisine like rice and beans with stewed chicken.

  3. 3. Mayan Chocolate Making in Belmopan

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    Did you know that Belize is a mecca for chocolate lovers? It’s actually known as the “cradle of chocolate.” You better Belize that the Mayan Chocolate Making in Belmopan tour might be the sweetest part of the trip! At Lamanai Chocolate Company, you’ll break off a piece of the indigenous culture where chocolate was created for taste and healing. This eco-friendly tour is led by a local expert ready to demonstrate chocolate making skills that have been passed down over thousands of years. Mixing tradition and teaching is what this little country is all about, so sprinkling in chocolate is a nice touch.

  4. 4. Triple Adventure with Water, Wind & Wheels

    Switch gears, take control and cruise through unexplored jungles in Belize by ATV with the Triple Adventure with Water, Wind & Wheels tour. Next, change the pace of flying through the forest to relaxing on a river tube. You’ll explore the ancient underworld, NohochChe’en Archaeology Reserve, aka Caves Branch, where water flows from the jungle and into the caves. A professional guide will explain the fascinating history and rituals that were performed by the Mayas who secretly occupied the caves centuries ago.

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