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How Do You Know You Made an Impact for Your Family Travelers?

A family vacation can be a mighty investment for a family to make. Plus they can be complex for you to plan for clients, with the number of people involved, the different needs and constantly changing schedules. So after it’s all done and over, how do you know that the work you’ve done has made an impact on your family travel clients?

We asked this very question to VAX agents and here’s what they said.

“Fortunately, I know I made an impact when the client of the family trip calls back and says that they are lost for words of the experience that they had of a trip of a lifetime with their family. One family travel client mentioned that she will definitely recommend my services to everyone!”
Linda D., Fly Buy Faith Travel in Hawaii

“I know that I've impacted a family when they come home and can't wait to travel again. Traveling with family members, young and old, can be stressful because of all of the details that need to be considered. If they are excited going on another vacation so soon, then they were able to enjoy their destination, each other, and leave the details of planning to me!”
Jessica S., Be Our Guest Travel Company in North Carolina

“When the whole trip comes together with the elements I have suggested being a match to the clients expectations and budget.”
Dal L., The Travel Agent Next Door in British Columbia

“They thank you over and over and even send you appreciation gifts. You can also hear the gratitude in their voice when you've cared for the smallest details that have the greatest impact on their family getaway.”
Juanita S., Triumphant Travel LLC in California

“When someone calls me for travel assistance and I ask how they heard about me, and they say, ‘From one of my family members.’”
Stanya T., Inteletravel in Maryland

“Repeated yearly bookings and they refer their extended family to me.”
Michelle J., Cruises & Tours Unlimited in Missouri

Have you had family travel clients thank you in a special way? Share your story in a comment below – we want to hear from you!

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