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It’s Time to Try Hawaii Happiness!

Aloha. Calling all tropical beach lovers. Southwest Airlines® is now flying to multiple destinations in Hawaii - and we at Southwest Vacations (SWAV) brings a combination of luxurious resorts, fantastic restaurants, nightlife, adventures and sights to complete the perfect Hawaiian journey for everyone.

We want to introduce you to these beautiful destinations that SWAV’s Hawaii packages currently feature:

Oahu: The most commonly visited island in Hawaii, Oahu is a travelers dream. Elegant resorts, surfing lessons, some of the best dinners of your life, world-class snorkeling, history, postcard-worthy beauty — the heart of Hawaii has it all.

Did you know: The only Royal Palace in the United States, Iolani Palace, is located on Oahu. It had electricity before the White House!

Maui: Most people think ‘paradise’ when they hear of Maui. The island offers aquatic adventures, some of the finest restaurants in the state, gorgeous golf or just a picture-perfect beach.

Did you know: Haleakala reaches 10,023 feet and is the largest dormant volcano in the world. The summit depression is 21 miles across and 4,000 feet deep, big enough to hold the entire island of Manhattan.

Island of Hawaii: A perfect destinations for those looking for some adventure. Travelers can enjoy volcanoes National Park, or try a helicopter tour, swim with the dolphins, snorkel, surf and so much more.

Did you know: Also known as The Big Island, it is getting bigger each year—thanks to Kīlauea Volcano that has been erupting for years!

A hui hou – see you later!

Try some of these Hawaiian phrases on your next trip!

  • Aloha kakahiaka: Pronounced a-lo-ha kah-kah-hee-yah-kah [Good morning]
  • Aloha ‘auinalā: Pronounced a-loh-ha ah-wee-na-lah [Good afternoon]
  • Aloha ahiahi: Pronounced a-loh-ha a-hee-yah-hee [Good evening]
  • Mahalo: Pronounced mah-hah-loh [Thank you]
  • ‘A‘ole pilikia: Pronounced ah-oh-leh pee-lee-kee-yah [You're welcome]
  • E kala mai: Pronounced eh kah-lah mah-yee [Apologize / excuse me]
  • Wahine: Pronounced vah-hee-neh [Women's bathroom]
  • Kāne: Pronounced kah-neh [Men's bathroom]

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