Travel insights from Rick Zimmerman, President & CEO, KHM Travel Group

Keeping the Adventure Alive in Your Business

Studies have shown that a healthy amount of adrenaline can improve your senses, muscle strength, and even your immune system. It’s your body’s natural reaction to dealing with uncertainty, excitement, or something new. The boost of adrenaline you feel when embarking on a new adventure can also keep your mind fresh and your business on the rise.

As an entrepreneur, adventure has been a reoccurring theme in my professional life. One of the biggest risks comes when you’re starting your own business. But every risk comes with the potential for reward, both personally and financially.

With a tagline of “The Adventure Begins,” our team members at KHM Travel Group are no strangers to the idea that starting a new career is a fun endeavor…especially when you have the passion to back it up. In our service-driven industry, every day brings a different set of conversations with a different set of people, all with the potential to learn something new.

That sense of adventure was what we sought to capture in our latest video: Your Adventure Begins. If you have a few moments, I encourage you to check it out. The underlying message applies to anyone with a love of adventure – whether you’re a hosted travel agent, industry professional, or simply a lover of travel.

Given the heightened media coverage of popular travel destinations, adventure may be a risky topic at the moment. My advice to anyone questioning a travel experience is to first educate yourself. Read information from reputable sources or seek out advice from a trusted travel advisor. If you have a good understanding of the facts and feel comfortable moving forward, don’t let fear hold you back. Visit a new destination, try a new food, learn a new language, and go out of your way to meet new people. The experience you gain won’t just benefit you, but it can also help your clients.

Adventure isn’t limited to the places you can go. You can add excitement to your business right from your own office. Consumers have hundreds of offers and advertisements thrown their way. Make your Facebook post or email stand out with a clever headline or image. Playing it safe in marketing may work for a while. But is it really going to help you grab the attention of someone new?

The top asset you have that sets you apart is your unique personality. Don’t be afraid to show it in your business. Trying a different marketing approach may not work every time, but you’ll go into the next situation with that knowledge behind you.

Whether your next adventure is taking you across the globe or onto the next level of success, embrace the opportunities you have to try something new.

About the Author

Rick Zimmerman is the President of KHM Travel Group, one of the country’s leading host travel agencies. Rick joined the travel industry fresh out of college where he worked as a travel agent for a small agency in Cleveland, Ohio. After a 25-year career in the construction industry, Rick returned to his travel roots and helped found KHM Travel Group in 2005. Rick is an active advocate of the travel agent community and serves on multiple travel-related Advisory Boards.

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