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Love is in the Air: 5 Romantic Cities Around the World

Travel has a unique way of bringing us together by evoking feelings of lust, love and romance. From Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey, we recommend these five sensual cities for travelers looking to ignite a flame with that special someone.

Paris, France

Romance, romance everywhere, Paris is known by many as the most romantic city in the world. Lovebirds will find themselves enamored with Paris’ elegant architecture, intimate spaces and jazzy atmosphere. Of course the heartbeat of this urban fantasy is the historically charming Eiffel Tower where thousands of proposals take place each year amongst 20,000 sparkling lights that twinkle for five minutes on the hour, every hour.  The passion of the City of Lights doesn’t stop at architectural beauty; it can also be tasted in the many dreamy pastry shops that line the cobblestone streets brimming with colorfully tempting French macaroons and fruity tarts.

Couple embracing near Eiffel Tower in Paris

Rome, Italy

What’s in a name? Well, in the city of Rome’s case, love. That’s right, if you reverse the word “Roma” you’re left with “amor” which translates to the Latin word love. An extraordinary mix of old and new, Rome is teeming with grand statues and impressive structures, the most famous of which is the magnificent Colosseum located in the city center. Couples will have no shortage of stops to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes as a feast of magnificent fountains like Trevi Fountain and Fontana delle Tartarughe are sprinkled throughout town.  

Couple taking a selfie at a fountain in Rome

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto’s natural beauty and laid-back vibe make it the perfect whimsical getaway for intrepid twosomes. Couples can capture their love with a photo shoot in Gion, Kyoto’s geisha district, where the cherry blossom trees come to full bloom each spring while wearing traditional Japanese garb. Even Kyoto’s ancient temples are romance-focused as the Jishu Shrine is often referred to as “the Cupid of Japan”. Here, visitors pray to various gods for new love, long-lasting relationships and even to keep promiscuity at bay. After sending out a prayer, sweethearts can put their love to the test by attempting to cross between two fortune telling “love stones” that when successfully crossed with one’s eyes closed will fulfill your deepest desires. 

Japanese cherry blossom (sakura) trees

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the city where Europe kisses Asia. Set alongside the beautiful Bosporus strait, these two continents come together in Istanbul making it a special place for romance. Couples will love immersing themselves in the exotic atmosphere of the city’s transcontinental Silk Road where they can explore famous sites like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar. The culinary scene in Istanbul is largely influenced by the different cultures and peoples of the area. For a romantic dining experience, travelers must try Meze, translating to “small dishes,” for a chance to sample a variety of local specialties. A couples’ trip to Istanbul wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a traditional Turkish bath house for a sensual steam and massage sure to relax and invigorate the senses.

Bride and groom in a room full of Turkish lamps

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is for lovers, beautiful gardens, charming cathedrals and trendy hangouts, and it’s easy to see why some refer to this city as the Paris of South America. Couples can keep their flame burning bright with an intimate tango lesson at various studios in the city center. Got two left feet? Travelers can still experience the passion of tango by attending a tango show at Rojo Tango located inside the luxurious Faena Hotel. For a taste of Venice in Buenos Aires, lovebirds can take an hour-long gondola ride on the relaxing waters of Puerto Madero, a revamped dockside area surrounded by upscale dining and modern skyscrapers.

Couple dancing in Buenos Aires

Nothing quite says romance like travel. Did we miss your favorite passionate city? Tell us about it in a comment below.

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