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National Parks Free Days in 2019

Calling all nature lovers! For a few days every year, all National Parks offer free days, meaning they don’t charge admission to any visitors. National Parks Free Days make it easy for travelers looking to increase their steps on their smartwatches, take in all the views the fresh air has to offer, maintain their eco-friendly habits or support the National Parks system. Here are five National Park Free Days in 2019:

  1. January 21, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday
  2. April 20, the first day of National Park week
  3. August 25, the National Park Service’s birthday
  4. September 28, National Public Lands Day
  5. November 11, Veterans Day

Benefits of Visiting National Parks

Did you know that national park visitors that travel from further distances experience more effects on their physical, mental and emotional well-being than visitors from local areas? Forgetting everyday tasks and troubles are ideal, but focusing on physical well-being and creating memories to last a lifetime are necessities. There are multiple benefits that stem from visiting national parks. Here are a few worth mentioning!

  • There are endless opportunities to learn about nature, wildlife, plants and historical monuments or stories are expressed through vivid real-life interpretation, while hiking or wandering through the national parks.
  • Mental well-being improves since stress is minimized and tranquility, happiness and energy levels are raised by breathing in fresh air, seeing new sights and taking a break from the world of technology.
  • Sustainability is increased with each volunteer visitor that treks through. From picking up litter with a group of friends, to planting trees or grass, the overall health of parks is improved by volunteer efforts.


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