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Operation: Destination: 4 Destination Wedding Trends for the 2017/18 Season

Keeping up with the latest destination wedding trends are a must when planning your clients' special day, especially since now, more than ever, couples are turning to the ultimate experience: destination weddings. So, what are the brides- and grooms-to-be looking for in their dream getaway? We've rounded up the top trends for the upcoming 2017/18 season so you are prepared to plan the perfect destination wedding experience for your clients.

Trend #1: Incorporating a local twist

As destination weddings continue to rise in popularity, so is the interest in truly embracing everything that destination has to offer. Follow the trend! From incorporating local cuisines to hiring local music acts and performers, couples are continuously looking for ways to surprise their guests with things they wouldn't necessarily find at home. Like toasting with tequila instead of champagne in Puerto Vallarta or hiring a mariachi band for cocktail hour in Cancun. Even incorporating local décor within the wedding venue is a great way to add that cultural touch and can even help keep wedding costs down. This experience for both the couple and their guests will ensure they embrace their venue and all it has to offer.

Trend #2: Experiencing more than just a beach

Being a travel professional, you may think you have truly seen it all. Well, today's brides and grooms are continuously looking to have a never-been-done-before wedding experience. More and more couples are forgoing the typical tropical getaways and turning to locations that aren't common or highly commercialized. From snowy ski slopes and mountaintops in Aspen to a vineyard in Napa, couples are now looking to bring a sense of adventure for their guests. This trend is a great way to tie the knot and unite family and friends.

Trend #3: Embracing all that technology has to offer

As the techie generation turns into brides and grooms, they are certainly not leaving their expertise at home. Incorporating the latest and greatest technology is making the destination wedding experience more efficient and fun. There are a plethora of social media platforms, apps and customization options that allow guests to really get involved in the excitement. Having guests tag their photos with the couples' custom hashtag or applying a custom Snapchat filter makes it easy for the couple to see their wedding through their guests' perspectives. This technology also makes it possible for family and friends who were unable to travel for the event get in on the fun.

Trend #4: Pictures being worth MORE than a thousand words

Nowadays, photography is being seen as the most important thing on wedding wish lists. Going above and beyond the cliché group poses are a must to making the day memorable even years from now. This year, many couples are traveling with their own photographers instead of using someone in the area. It is most likely that they are familiar with their work, and they trust they will capture the special day to their likings. That said, don't be surprised if you are requested to book an extra flight for the camera.

These trends may seem like a lot to take in at first; however, seeing them all in action truly makes for a unique and memorable celebration for your clients. VAX's Destination Wedding Resource Center has more tips to help in your planning, plus exclusive tools like a planning timeline template, customizable flyers and a match tool to help you find the perfect destination and resort for your clients.

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