Travel insights from David Pritchard, health & performance coach at Apple Leisure Group

Owning Your Day

I have been in the health and wellness industry now for over 20 years, and it's crazy to think that it has been that long. I have seen and been a part of so many great programs and experiences.

I have worked with thousands of people from professional athletes to people in wheelchairs and tons in between! Within these great experiences came lessons from each and every person I worked with. I always say my experiences and relationships have been my greatest teacher for what I do.

These lessons helped shape my beliefs and what I know to be true today as I continue to teach these lessons. As I think back and reflect on every person I worked with, I’ve learned it was their mindset to empower themselves to take responsibility for their health and life.

Getting healthy and taking charge of your health can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. The health industry doesn’t help either, from so-called gurus telling you what to drink and eat, how to exercise, or celebrities promoting some supplement.

I can tell you the people I have worked with that have achieved lasting results did ordinary little things every day. Nothing earth-shattering or groundbreaking, just consistent work every day on themselves.

Some days it’ll be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, drinking half of the soda, going to bed and waking up earlier, or just cutting back on sugar. Wherever you decide to start, remember it’s the daily disciplines that deliver the results and impact your life!

The greatest thing about owning your day and owning your life is that these things are non-negotiable to you. Your priority for self-care is one of the biggest reasons for your future success in not only your health and personal life, but your work and everything that goes into your entire being.

Lastly as you start to “own your day,” it’s important to know that everyone that has had success and seen results will tell you it wasn’t always easy and sometimes you fail. Yes that’s right, you will fail and you will struggle but that’s when it gets interesting and you find out about who you really are and how strong your why is!

“Tragedy or struggle doesn’t change or form our why; it gives us the opportunity to finally live our why.”

You have the unique ability to be resilient. Resiliency is the capacity to recover from difficulties, the ability to spring back-to learn from the past and change course when you need to. In short, it means to grow and develop one’s self to make you better than before.

In your health for you to see life lasting changes you have to move beyond your comfort zone. Embrace the pain and lessons because they’ll both teach you a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of.

Lastly, be grateful for the ability to begin the conversation with yourself and ask, “Am I truly putting forth the effort that’s needed to the best version of myself?” You and only you know what that looks and feels like. Don’t settle and give yourself the best gift and that’s the ability to start and get on a plan.

Keep learning and applying to your life what works for YOU by what makes your life and your day exactly the way you want it.

Be Well-Work Well-Live Well

About the Author

David Pritchard, health and performance coach, comes from 20+ years of health and wellness experiences. With multiple degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition and several National recognized certifications, he has had the privilege to work with Fortune 500 companies, executives, and professional and Olympic athletes. David has been a part of the Travel Industry for the last 15 years teaching travel agents, industry leaders, companies and hosting wellness retreats all over the world. While working with individuals and groups, he focuses on all facets of exercise, nutrition and motivational programs by helping create Health & Fitness Powered lifestyles. David has a passion for travel and also a passion to help people live their best life!

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