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Record Air Travel Predicted for Labor Day

According to a press release from Airlines for America (A4A), U.S. airlines are preparing for an expected 17.5 million passenger surge worldwide in air travel during the week-long Labor Day travel period from Aug. 28 through Sept. 3. This number marks a four percent increase in air travel since Labor Day 2018.

A4A expects Friday, Aug. 30, to be the busiest day within the time period, with an estimated 2.98 million passengers, followed by Thursday, Aug. 29, with 2.83 million passengers jet setting across the globe.

"With fares at historic lows and customer satisfaction at historic highs, travelers continue to take to the skies in record numbers," said A4A Vice President and Chief Economist John Heimlich.

Airlines’ ability to cater to the crowds will be especially impressive considering the recent grounding of the Boeing 737 Max which resulted in the reduction of more than 300 daily flights. To combat this and to accommodate to travelers, 109,000 seats are being added per day during the Labor Day period.

Labor Day travelers should do what they can to make air travel easier for them as well as airport and airline staff. That means give yourself a little more time to get through security, remove any prohibited items from your carry-on and be courteous to those around you.

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Aug. 23, 2019
Tags: air travel , Labor Day