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Rome Administers New Rules for Tourists

Ancient Romans dubbed Rome the “eternal city,” so for it to remain standing strong, the latest legislation updates were enacted to protect the city. But don’t worry, you can still toss your coins into the Trevi Fountain.

On June 8, Rome city council approved legislation updates to laws that were introduced in the 1940s. According to a statement from Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, these amendments aim to promote respect for common goods, public spaces, commercial rules and decorum. They apply to locals and tourists so even you’re visiting friends and family, you’re expected to follow along.

The updated legislation prohibits:

  • Walking around the city topless and barefoot.
  • Linking love padlocks to bridges.
  • Eating or spilling near historic landmarks.
  • Touching the spout of drinking fountains with your lips.
  • Dragging suitcases along ancient steps, like the Spanish Steps.
  • Ticket-touting around tourist hot spots. So be on the lookout for “skip-the-line” tours near places like the Vatican or the Colosseum and stay away.
  • Swimming, bathing or jumping into fountains around the city. This goes for pets and people.
  • Hanging laundry on lines between buildings.
  • Singing, dancing and playing instruments on public transportation.
  • Dressing like a centurion and charging tourists for photographs.

Sanctions vary, but if you fail to follow the new rules, you could be fined or banned from the area, which is referred to as the “urban daspo.” Police will continue to patrol historic sites in order to improve the city, ensure safety and guarantee tourist decorum.

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