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Say Hello to WAVES™, Apple Leisure Group® Vacations’ New Agent Rewards Program

It’s here: WAVES™, Apple Leisure Group® Vacations’ all new agent rewards program. It’s bigger and better than any agent rewards program we’ve ever had and we are so ready for you to be a part of it.

How It Works

With WAVES™, you earn points on bookings made through every ALGV brand. It’s simple: the more travel booked through any ALGV brand, the more combined points you’ll receive. You can redeem your points for:

  • Future travel from participating properties
  • Our Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights
  • ALGV air credit
  • Name brand products in a virtual marketplace

Or you can transfer your points to a Virtual Visa® Card and use it anywhere online that accepts Visa. Plus, you can convert your points to dollar-value currency effortlessly and in real time so you always know where you’re at. We made it easy for you.


If you’re a top agent earning WAVES™ points, you’ll qualify for WAVEMAKER™, our new agent recognition program. The top agents in this program receive special perks, travel discounts and up to 300,000 bonus reward points starting in 2021. WAVEMAKER™ is a four-tier achievement platform and you can advance through the tiers by meeting a certain amount of earned points within a set time period.

WAVEMAKERS™ get even more perks:

  • FAM trip discounted rates
  • Access to an elite customer service phone line and email
  • Marketing support and collateral
  • Exclusive promotions and more!

How to Get Started

First, check the email address you have in your VAX account to be sure it’s up-to-date. This will ensure you’re receiving communication and user information for the program.

With your first paid booking via VAX, you’ll receive a “Welcome” email with login details to complete registration. Your points are automatically added to your account when you book on VAX – just make sure your user name is on the booking. If you’re calling in to make a booking, be sure to give your VAX user name to the registration agent.

ALGV is making WAVES™ and we are thrilled to offer you this new this new opportunity!

For more details on the rewards and recognition programs, visit

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