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Selling All Inclusive Market Segments

While we don't have a crystal ball for when travel will come back, we are confident in the future of travel. When social distancing regulations are relaxed, all of us, including your clients, will want to travel. Getting yourself prepared for the rebound will be critical to your success. Selling All Inclusive Vacations should be a category to highly consider and prepare for. Why not use your current time to understand and analyze the All Inclusive Market Segments and develop strategies to enhance this category? To get you started, we asked The Travel Institute to provide us some information from the Selling All Inclusive Module in the CTA Certification Program.   

Every one of your current clients is a potential all-inclusive client! Among the most lucrative all-inclusive prospects are previous cruisers, upscale travelers, families, active clients, and singles. Let’s take a look at each of these client types, beginning with previous cruisers.

Previous Cruisers

All-inclusives essentially offer a cruise-style vacation on land. Clients who enjoy cruising are likely to embrace the all-inclusive concept, given their comparable features. While there are many similarities between cruises and all-inclusives that you can point out to your satisfied cruise clients, you can also demonstrate the true meaning of all-inclusive by emphasizing features that may not be included in the price of a cruise, such as gratuities and unlimited water sports. 

Upscale Travelers

Do you have clients who insist on all the finest things when they travel? Luxury accommodations? Gourmet, award-winning cuisine, and top-notch entertainment? Upscale travelers know what they like and do not mind spending a little more to make sure they get it, but don’t assume they are beyond the reach of all-inclusives. Some all-inclusive chains have luxury brands offering services and amenities that meet and even exceed the demands of your discerning upscale clientele. 


Families today are looking for fun-filled, affordable vacations with a variety of activities for all to enjoy. Parents want to spend quality time with their children, creating family memories while spending time alone too! Some all-inclusives are designed to satisfy this very need.

Some resorts even offer programs designed specifically for single parents. 

Active Clients

Do you have clients who complain about how busy their workday lives are, but who also make sure that their vacations are just as busy? These active-minded clients find nothing more relaxing than a tropical vacation that keeps them going—with golf, scuba diving, snorkeling, aerobic classes, volleyball, dancing ’til dawn, and so on.

Because activities such as these are often included in an all-inclusive vacation, it makes sense for you to recommend all-inclusives to your active clients.


Many of your single clients are looking for a vacation where the majority of guests are like-minded, unattached, and wanting to have a great time. They may be interested in an environment where it’s easy to shed inhibitions and meet people, and thus would find all-inclusives where social interaction is encouraged quite appealing. Two resorts that provide a more free-spirited experience include Temptation Resort Cancun and Hedonism in Negril, Jamaica.

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