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Soon Enough, It’ll Be Time to Visit Paradise in Puerto Rico

Right now, it's time for patience, puzzles and pajamas. Soon enough, it will be time for paradise. All in good time – you'll be able to #DiscoverPuertoRico once again.

Go on a Virtual Tour of Puerto Rico's Top Museums

Right now, it's time to stay home, so let us take you on a virtual journey through Puerto Rico's awe-inspiring works of art. With just one click, you can be in the Museo de Arte de Ponce or in the vibrant streets of Santurce, where walls have been turned into living art.
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Let’s Get Cooking

The way to someone's heart is through food, and Puerto Rico is ready to charm yours with our abundance of flavors! Put some Puerto Rican music on, grab your favorite drink, and enjoy these recipes.
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Zoom Backgrounds

Add some of Puerto Rico's stunning scenery to your day with these Zoom backgrounds. An easy and fun way of bringing the Caribbean to your virtual gatherings with coworkers, friends, and family.
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Read Books by Puerto Ricans

Discover the heart and soul of the Caribbean, through the stories of Puerto Rico's most celebrated authors. You'll find that this enchanting island is never just a backdrop, but the main character.
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Discover Puerto Rico Tourism Update: January 2020

Dear Industry Partners, We continue with all efforts set forth within our existing crisis communications plan to ensure our cadence of marketing and messaging is responsible but accelerated given we are amidst our high season and tourism’s role for the economy. Find via this link, our Post Seismic A

With Summer Travel Around the Corner, Hurricane-Hit Caribbean Islands Are Optimistic

Caribbean nations impacted by back-to-back hurricanes have been using their marketing dollars to extend a warm welcome to travelers, assuring vacations taken will be unhampered by aftermath of two Category 5 storms. And, more importantly, their tourism dollars will be put to good use — helping

February 2020 Editor’s Note

Thank goodness January is over. That was the longest month ever, right? I can’t hate on January too much because it was when I went on the best vacation of my life: to Puerto Rico. In the last week of the month, my husband and I traveled to Miami for two nights and then to San Juan, Puerto Rico for

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