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Southwest Vacations® Launches New Travel Agent Website

Southwest Vacations is excited to announce their new Southwest Vacations® travel agent website, You will still be able to access this website through VAX VacationAccess, or, you can access the website directly by visiting

However you choose to visit the new website, you’ll still utilize your same login, and you’ll still enjoy the same booking engine experience through VAX VacationAccess’ award winning booking engine! The only change? More information to help you sell the best vacations to your clients.

See below to check out how their new site will make your booking process more efficient.

  • New URL that provides direct access,
  • Custom Southwest Vacations navigation that allows for easy access to information.
  • Increased content to highlight product and promotions.
  • Similar user experience to agent only sites for Funjet Vacations®, United Vacations®, and Blue Sky Tours.
  • Same award winning booking engine.

This updated site is now live. Visit the site now to see the exciting changes!

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Feb. 16, 2018
Tags: Southwest Vacations