Streamline Your Clients’ Travel with the Online Mexico Entry Form

You most likely have clients traveling to Mexico – Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are some of the top-booked destinations on VAX. Want to make it even easier for your clients to get there and get through immigration?

Just like for travel to Aruba, the government in Mexico requires tourists to pay a fee and obtain a tourist card in order to gain entry for travel by land and air. The $23 fee is included in the trip cost if travelers are going to Mexico by air or on a cruise, but the actual form isn't normally completed until it's handed out on the way to Mexico.

Filling out a form smaller than a regular piece of paper can be a challenge while sitting in an airplane seat. There could be no armrest available or even no pens available. You don't want your clients scrambling to fill out the form on the plane if you can prevent it. How can you be their hero? Tell them to fill the form out online before they go, print it out and pack it in their carry-on.

Send them a link to the Mexico form online. They can fill it out, download it as a PDF and print it. And if they accidentally close their browser after they've filled it out, they'll get an email with the PDF in it, so there is a pretty low chance of them losing it.

Then they'll feel extra ready to go right through immigration when they land in Mexico and be that much closer to the vacation they've been waiting for.

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